The boys of Camp Timberlake were excited to wake up this morning! Not one, not two, not three, but four trips headed out this morning! Nearly half the boys were gone on the mountain biking, rock climbing, overnight fly-fishing, or backpacking trips!

Even though the on-camp activities were lacking in numbers, the enthusiasm soared! Rivers S. and Brett B.  both earned their bronze in rocketry! On the water front, Cooper C. paddled his way into a bronze for kayaking, and the water slide was opened up for some extra excitement! In the guitar hut, Bradley S. strummed and picked his way to receiving his silver in guitar! While Brett B. shows up with a rock-star face and crushes the bronze requirements earning his second bronze for the day! Wowee!!  Sherrod B. and Grant M. fine-tuned some skills on the mountain bikes as they cruised through the trails and are close to their bronze medals! On the archery field, Brenden D. was a regular Robin Hood and did an amazing job placing his arrows in the middle of his target! On the rock wall, the boys met at the traverse wall and overall had a rocking  time! The climbers had awesome communication and astounding teamwork the best we’ve seen all year! Up on Spencer’s Green,  Spencer G. (no relation to Spencer’s Green) earned his bronze in team sports! Up on the paintball and airsoft fields, Nico L. earned his bronze in paintball and Rob C., Rod C., and Ryan C., all earned bronzes in Airsoft! Way to go!!

In other news, if you have been keeping up to date with the cabin clean-up winners, it is usually a match between Greybeard and Tomahawk. Today, Big Piney won the renowned cabin cleanup mention and definitely came from the bottom to the top with a huge uproarious cheer during lunch! (Which served stromboli, a camper favorite)

With all these activities that went on today, I’m pretty sure camp Timberlake will be in bed early tonight to get refreshed and ready to explore another awesome day!

Counselor Brady