If you were curious as to why your boys all seemed to forget how to put their shirts on the right way today, I think I can provide some answers. Today is the day that we pay tribute to one of our favorite local legends, Mr. Cowboy Joe. This ole cowboy was known for doing everything backwards, so today Camp Timberlake followed his lead… or did he follow our lead?

One of the highlights of Cowboy Joe day is right when you wake up: breakfast in bed. Nothin’ like some good ole fashion nut-doughs and moo juice to get you going in the morning. And the guys sure did need to get going, because after breakfast we went right into the day’s “evening activity” and played some battleball. Competition was fierce as ever. From there we started our daily activities (in reverse order of course).  Had some turkey and mashed potatoes for lunch and went straight to trading post.  During free time the two-on-two basketball tournament organized byCarter B. and Austin S. continued. There was a pretty intense show down as Jack E. and Harrison C. advanced to the finals after a close, triple overtime victory. Next, we had rest time, finished off the day’s activities, munched on some tacos in a bag for dinner, and went out for the evening yell (which was performed silently of course). Once the guys finish up evening chapel, it was time for Aquafest!  This is a series of competitions at the lake where the tribes face off in events such as coolest dive and highest blob. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see which tribe made the bigger splash.

Lastly, let’s not forget about some of the awesome trips that went out today. Graham F.David F.Cameron S.,Patterson B. and Taylor C. all went water skiing on Lake James.  Sherrod B.Henry S.Brett B., and William L. went out for some mountain biking this morning. Also Nico L.Jack W.Simon C.Thomas F.Oliver N.Logan B., andLawton H. all got out on climbing trip today and crushed some routes. All in all it was another normal, fun-filled day here at camp… just a little backwards.