Today was a strong start to a new week at Camp Timberlake with lots of bars and trips. Ben B. earned his bronze in team sports today, and just down the hill Quinn M, Seder M, Nico L, Braedan L, Harrison C. got bronzes in paintball and Austin T. got silver. Quinn M. didn’t stop when he got his bronze though because tonight he is going on a solo 13 where he backpacks alone for the night on camp property, good luck to him! Still on the subject of backpacking, all of the backpacking classes learned how to build a fire today and there was even a trip that went to Black Bolsom with campers Edward N, Jack H, Josef M, Andrew S, John C, and Jacob W.  I’m sure they had a great time with a great view!

In kayaking today Jack E. solidified his roll and learned other advanced paddle maneuvers, while in guitar David G. learned how to play the song “Winter Winds” by Mumford and Sons. Over in pottery all of the campers put glaze on their projects and are finishing their projects by putting them in the kiln for the last time. I can’t wait to see the final products! Even though so much happened today at camp there were still two trips that went out. The first was an amazing waterskiing trip with Archie B, Herbert D, Diego D, Alex S, and Sam R, and the second was a mountain biking trip that went to Richmond Hill with Sherrod B, Henry S, Brett B, and William L on it. Tonight’s evening activity was going to be aqua fest which is huge competition in the lake, but it unfortunately got rained out so now there is battle ball! An evening activity just as good! Make sure to check back tomorrow for the results!

Counselor Dylan