As the first day of session 1C draws to a close, campers are preparing to participate in their first tribal activity as newly initiated members. Tonight’s activity is a Camp Timberlake classic: Sock War (an epic combination of dodgeball and capture the flag). Putting aside the imminent fun, however, today’s fun-filled day began as soon as the bugle went off at 7 am this morning.

After chapel, campers voted for whom they thought had the most paint left on their face after initiation (aka the “ugliest” camper). This session’s “ugliest” camper went to a man with Seminole blue and yellow on his face, Stanislas R. Campers then went to clean their cabins, and the youngest cabin, Tomahawk, earned a 9.9 score and the cleanest cabin of the day. Congrats boys! Greybeard came in a close second with a 9.5.

In all activities safety talks were given and boys immediately went into having fun. Andy and Nico L. helped teach a kayaking class in addition to learning new skills themselves. Reid F., Reed F., Tyler K., Jonah P., Davis M., and Calvin T., all had an adventurous day climbing on the traverse wall. Henry and Ben B. helped their fellow campers learn footwork in fencing. Josef M., Cole J., and Will C., are catching on fast to the new pottery program and made a bowl in their first day. A mountain biking safety ride also took place during rest time today. Kip B., Taylor C., and Grant W. all did an awesome job navigating the course and accomplished it with ease.

In riflery, Zachary F. learned the various parts of the rifle and is excited to shoot more targets on Tuesday. The best activity of any day is swimming class, and today the boys went over proper kicking technique and even participated in kicking relays before free swimming (Charles P. and Josef M. got to experience the blob for the first time and both loved it!) Robert H. and James B. were some of the fastest older guys in Lake Doris, with Patrick G. winning the kicking race for the younger guys.

We also had a groundbreaking first fitness class here at Camp Timberlake today during free time. Leading the charge were Greybearders Will B., Cole J., and Alden M. Andy L. also managed to do over 20 pull-ups! This fitness period included pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, and burpees. Cooper D. and other boys went on a trail run through the woods as well. And if your boy was not working out during free time, he was hanging out at the lake on a beautiful, cloudless day in Black Mountain.

Article by: Robert K., CIT director, Proud Iroquois and Swimming Instructor