Today everyone here took the first step of either their two-week or month long journey. Everyone here is going to learn a lot about themselves as they adjust to a new environment. They are going to make a bunch of great friendships that could last for years to come. And most importantly, they are all going to have tons of fun!!

The bugle kicked us off this morning and we haven’t really stopped going since. We had a nice Texas toast and sausage breakfast to fuel up for the day and then went to chapel. After chapel, it was time for cabin clean up. The scores were surprisingly high for the first day as everyone seemed to pick it up quickly. The older guys especially; Big Slaty and Greybeard shared today’s victory with a 9.8. Not a bad start.

Activities got off to a pretty good start today too. Jack earned a bronze in swimming already! Will  learned some new chords in guitar today and he also learned a new song; Free Falling by Tom Petty. Wonder what he’ll learn next? I hear he’s crazy about Elvis. Pottery made some bowls. We had a sweet kayaking trip go out to the Lower Green this morning. Sounds like Harris, Eric, and Cole had a great time out there. Also Casey did his wet exit in kayaking class today, which means he is ready to go out on some fun trips too. Third Period backpacking class mastered the low ropes course this afternoon. Mike and Charlie both scored a couple of awesome touchdowns in team sports while Beau ripped some sweet shots on goal in soccer class. Lastly Miles did a good job in tennis today edging out a counselor, Adrian, who was filling in for class today.

So as you guys can see, we are off to a pretty big start and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. There is still a lot more learning and growing to be done and a lot more fun times to be had! Stay golden, we’re taking great care of the guys!

Counselor JD