The day began just as most Camp Timberlake mornings do: wake up, dressed, delicious breakfast, etc. After chapel and cabin cleanup, the campers went off to their activities where they had a blast.  Most activities were finishing up the first day safety talks and beginning their lesson plans!

In climbing, many of the campers made it across the traverse wall today! In kayaking the campers paddled around the lake and did their first wet exits.  Pottery worked on making their first bowls as well as their techniques while making pottery.

There were also several trips out today.  Three of the kayakers from the Greybeard cabin; Harris C., Eric H., and Cole J. went to the Nantahala River in Bryson City, NC to compete in the Camp Cup Challenge (CCC) kayak races.  The CCC is an annual race among many camps in North Carolina with whitewater kayaking and canoeing programs.  All three of our racers did excellent and a ton of fun was had!

Climbing took a trip to the Chimneys in the Linville Gorge near Linville, NC where all of the campers out on the trip learned to belay.  The campers especially loved the overhangs at the Chimneys.  The campers who went out on this trip were: Alex S., Alex H., Joeseph V., Seth H., Josh C., Kennon S., William. G, and Timothy M.

Many Little and Big Piney campers (Hamilton J, Max B, Bryant W, Carson H, Peter H, Price M, Charlie B, Zeb H, Wade R, and Will F) took a backpacking trip out to Big Piney Mountain! The campers all did great on the trail and had a good time!

As the summer heat once again sweltered up in the afternoon, the campers had a blast during free swim!  The blob and diving boards were the favorites among all campers! After free swim the kids went to their next activities to enjoy the rest of their afternoon!

After dinner the campers are having cabin night.  Cabin night is a time where all of the cabins get together and do fun activities such as campfires, smores, water polo, ice cream sundae making, etc. on their own separate from other cabins!  It gives the campers an opportunity to have fun with just their cabin and become closer to other campers their age!

All in all it’s been an excellent day and awesome session so far!

Until tomorrow…

Counselor Mitch B.