After two days of not a cloud in the sky and radiating sunshine that lit up the camp with eager expectations for what day three had in store. The smell of sunscreen could once again be smelled this morning during the first two periods. Ian C. and Joey D. made an impression in archery, where the boys stood out for their leadership and willingness to participate.

On the lake, the older guys like Grant H., Eric H., Matthew M., Mike P., and Casey R. in first period swimming were seen with kickboards racing one another in relays. Dash V., Wade R., Jack P., and Damian U., were on the other side of the lake busy testing out newly acquired canoeing skills. Beau A. in the midst of all this lake activity got to show off his natural kayaking ability. Up at the Mike, the climbers were busy scaling up and down the wall. Will A. and Daniel Y. both learned how to belay. Other up and coming climbers included: Jake T., Nicholas V., Alexander Y., and Noah C.

At the Mark, Peter D. and Joe V. both won matches during wrestling class. The classes filled with guys like Joshua C., Ford L., Joe B., William G., and Cole J. learned their sprawl and double leg maneuver. Charles P., Sam S., and Cameron W., were part of a bunch of boys in soccer class that played world cup and worked on their passing technique.

After lunchtime, however, the heavens opened with loud thunder and claps of lightning that forced many boys indoors to activities such as pottery and rocketry. Before that happened, Harris C. and Jared C. managed to squeak in an intense, focused workout in free time that included Harris running a 7 minute mile around the rugged camp terrain. What a beast! In pottery, Jack D., Christian D., and William K. all threw on the wheel and made mugs during a small, action-packed class.

The Iroquois tribe hopes to build off its victory in Sock War the other night as they face off against the reigning banner champs, the Seminoles, tonight in the “Great Escape.” This game is essentially a giant race for groups of 7 campers who have to run around camp and answer riddles to receive clues in order to figure out where the victory prize is hidden. All 7 cabins are represented on these teams, and it provides a great opportunity for the older guys to lead the younger guys while working together for their respective tribes.  Let’s hope this rain stops!

Article by: Robert K., CIT director, Proud Iroquois and Swimming Instructor