It was another majestic day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. There truly is no better place to be than Camp Timberlake, and that is especially true on dry, sunny days (emphasis on dry).

Campers were excelling in their activities at camp as well as out on trips. The kayaking trip on the Lower Green River went very well today. Some of these kayakers include the Lange brothers, George H., Elliot B., and Miles B. Meanwhile on the Davidson, Brendan A., Charlie B., and Colby F. were catching fish on the fly-fishing trip. Speaking of the waterfront, Emiliano G, put forth a lot of effort in order for his swimming class to earn a free swim. A lot of time was spent on the trails around camp today especially in mountain-biking. Harris C,, Alex H,, Kennon S,, Jack D,l, and Joshua C, all took part in the mountain-biking safety ride today. Grant H,also did an awesome job biking the Tomahawk Trail for his first time.

Not only was Kennon S. rocking the safety ride today, but he also earned his bronze bar in archery. Alec K. was a stud on the archery range today and earned his bronze bar as well. Following the completion of their bars, the archery range was on lockdown due to 3rd period airsoft’s mission to take down a high priority target (Counselor Patrick). The backpackers were very active today. Peter D., Hamilton J., Cole J., Casey R., Joey D., and Matt M., all members of the third period backpacking class, created a map of camp property today. All of these activities are exciting, but it seems to me that Spencer’s Green was the place to be. In Team Sports JB G. lead the class with the most touchdowns in football and Jack H. earned his bronze bar in soccer. Bryant W.did a fantastic job in second period wrestling while learning the wrestlers’ sprawl. All of these achievements are awesome to witness, but perhaps the coolest thing to experience at camp is the sense of camaraderie and family like atmosphere that we work to foster at Timberlake. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.

–          Counselor Patrick H.