It was another incredible day here at Camp Timberlake. With the Little Chief ceremony tonight, this Friday was filled with campers trying for and earning their bars in each activity. Throughout the day abundant smiles were seen along with the beautiful sunshine.

In kayaking many new tricks were learned throughout the day! Harris C. learned to loop (front flip) his kayak! It can be seen here in this video: DSCN4262

Also in kayaking Elliot B, Alex H, George H, Joe V, and John S. earned their bronze bars. In canoeing, Philip S. and Charlie S. earned their bronze bars with the help and instruction of campers Brian S. and Cole J.

Canoeing/Kayaking was not the only dock activity to have campers learning and improving their skills in the water. In swimming the campers worked on different strokes where Peter D. demonstrated a great backstroke for the class.

Elsewhere around camp more fun was had. Up the hill from the lake at Spencer’s green Rocketry campers were launching today. Archie, Mason, and Wade got their bronze after successfully launching their rockets from Spencer’s green. Just up the hill from Spencer’s at the Mark fencing took place. In fencing, the campers worked on advanced blade work for their bronze and silver bars. Also at the Mark, wrestling campers worked on different skills while playing king of the mat where Joe B. won the title.

Behind the Mark, a Mountain Biking trip took place on the Tomahawk trail where instructors Lawson K. and Andrew L. took Joshua C. and Alex H. on a morning ride. Joshua impressed both instructors with his handling skills both uphill and downhill.

At the Archery range the campers shot their targets well today. Tom B. was perfecting his shots where he hit bull’s eyes on the target all day! In backpacking, the boys learned how to make fires in the wilderness.

In climbing the campers climbed the walls in the Mike. The guys had a blast doing it while many began advancing their skills and techniques. Ben A. climbed the overhang: one of our toughest walls.

In the guitar hut the guitarists worked on playing new chords while Josh C. and Raymond W. earned their bronze bars. In pottery, Christian D. glazed his bumblebee bowl today.

While fun was being had back at camp, many campers took advantage of the whitewater rafting on this beautiful summer day! They took a trip down the Nantahala River near Bryson City, NC.

All in all, another solid day at Camp Timberlake!

-Counselor Mitch B.