The sun rose over the misty mountains of North Carolina this morning to greet the wonderful place of Camp Timberlake. The day started with a tasty breakfast of eggs, sausages, and biscuits, a favorite for many of the campers. The usual routine of the morning continued with songs being sung in chapel and very inspiring words from the director Adam himself. And then there was cabin clean-up. Oh cabin clean-up, what a wonderful time. These campers impress me daily on how well they can clean, which may surprise you. Activities soon followed and the campers did excellent on those too.

In climbing, Ben Allan mock led the overhang for a gold bar requirement. John Sheehan learned the double fisherman and figure eight follow through knots. In guitar, Brian Showalter got a bronze bar. Also, Tim Miller performed “Under the Bridge” in front of the camp at dinner for his gold bar. In pottery, Parker Collins showed a lot of ingenuity by doing a multi-layered glaze on his bowl. In fencing, Cole Jackson and Tim Miller made progress towards their gold. Also, Charlie Schmitt received his bronze in fencing. In wrestling, Jarreel Carpenter won King of the Ring. There was also a kayaking trip to the Tuckaseeyee River that Jack Deal, Hank Boyd, Elliot Bell, Beau Adams, George Martin, and Ford Lange did excellent at.

For the evening activity, the camp played Battleball, one of the most exciting evening activities at camp. Both tribes face off in the Mike and participate in a huge game of dodgeball as they battle for the banner. The whole camp gets into it as music is blasted over the stereo system. All and all, it was another great day at Camp Timberlake.

Rusty W.