As the bugle shook the dew off the trees at 7:00, the men of Timberlake jumped out of bed, prepared to meet whatever challenges were thrown at them today. The daily procession down to 7:30 breakfast proved to be well worth it today, as the campers enjoyed a delicious meal of baked oatmeal and sausage. The campers then went outside for the morning yell, which contained a rare “surprise yell” led by counselor Chris B. After the yell ended, chapel began, with Robert K. relating last night’s movie, Toy Story 3, to how Jesus saves us from the toughest situations, only after we have come to realize that we will not be able to complete the toughest tasks on our own.
Following the yell and chapel, the campers went back to the cabins for cabin cleanup, and after the cabins had been made pristine, first period began. During first period, Eric H. helped to teach kayaking class, and did a great job, as several kayakers, including Elliot B.,  learned their rolls due to his teaching. After first period, soccer class with campers Hank B., Alec K., Charlie P., and Sam S. worked on crossing and finishing after receiving a pass. Also during second period, Team Sports with Charlie B., Noah C., Bennett D., Chancellor R., David R., Bryant W., Cameron W., and Scout W. played some great games of Ultimate Frisbee today.
After the first two periods, Timberlake convened at the dining hall to enjoy a great meal of philly cheese steaks and french fries for lunch. During lunch, it was announced that Tomahawk, the youngest cabin, won cabin cleanup with a 9.8, with Big Piney coming in second with a 9.6. The results of Sunday night’s evening activity was also read, with the Iroquois winning lower cabin battleball, and the Seminoles winning the same event in the upper cabins.
Timberlake then went back to the cabins for a 30 minute rest time, which was definitely enjoyed. The campers then went to free time and trading post after their well deserved rest time. During free time, the lake was opened for swimmers working on their bars. During this time, Dash V. earned his bronze bar in swimming. Also during free time, the basketball courts were opened for campers to earn part of their requirements for Team Sports bars.
Third period started after the 90 minute free time, and this time was not short on events. In climbing, Ben A. earned his gold bar, an achievement very few campers receive. At the same time, Tennis played doubles king of the court with Miles B. and Bryant W. served as the MVPs of the hour. After this intense competition was finished, fourth period began. The highlight of this hour had to be Backpacking class, in which Ben A., Elliott B., Thomas C., William G., Seth H., Payton J., John S., Alexander S., and Alex S. learned how to use a stove.
After fourth period, as Timberlake walked by the lake, the biggest surprise of the day took place. Counselors George C., Mike D., Brady R., and Timmy S. had created the biggest sandcastle in camp history. This mammoth structure took up the whole beach, and every camper was amazed. However, this shock and awe did not deter the campers, as nearly everyone who walked by joined in on the fun, to create an even bigger castle. The construction lasted all the way right up to dinner, in which turkey was served. The evening activity, Stealing Skins, was then announced. In this activity, the Seminoles and Iroquois meet a new adversary, staff. These three teams face off against one another at the same time, only making the game even tougher. Everyone in the camp will be waiting intently for the results, which will be announced tomorrow at lunch. Overall, today was a great day, and everyone in camp grew leaps and bounds, in only a day.
Counselor Charlie R.