This Tuesday was unlike any other at Timberlake! Today was staff appreciation day at Camp Timberlake. During staff appreciation, the campers from the oldest cabin took over this morning as counselors for the day. (With the counselors overseeing) Along with becoming counselors for the day, these campers also instructed the class in which they have been most successful.

On the upper half of camp, Matthew M. taught Riflery while George H. taught Paintball and Airsoft where Parker C earned his bronze bar. Alex S. taught fencing where many campers earned bars. Sean G and Charlie S earned their bronze while Colby F earned his silver.

Charlie D taught Soccer. Hendrix M taught Team Sports where they played basketball all day. Eric H who also helped teach Hank B his offside roll taught kayaking. Peter D taught canoeing where Enrique D earned his bronze. Price M earned his bronze in Swimming, which was taught by Harris C.

Alex H taught backpacking where the campers made s’mores today. Grant H taught Rocketry where Carson H did a great job working with Alex S on his Level 2 rocket. Dane T taught guitar where the class worked on chords. Mike P taught Tennis where they played many games practicing returns. Cole J did a great job teaching Archery. Joey D taught pottery where Jake L and Alex Y did great in class.

Along with the staff appreciation activities, there were a two trips out today. Kennon S and Elliot B did awesome on the mountain biking trip this morning where they practiced the “ready position”. The overnight Climbing/Backpacking trip returned this afternoon after two days climbing and hiking in the Linville Wilderness. Seth H, Josh C, Joe V, William G, Alex H, Casey R, and Grant H had a great time on the trip lead by counselors Adrian, J.D., and trip staff Nick.

Tonight the Timberlake Campers are all participating in the evening activity called Aquafest! During Aquafest the campers compete with their tribe in many different water sports and games such as swimming, diving, a belly-flop contest, and water polo!

Its been another great day here at Timberlake and we look forward to the next few days of the session!

-Counselor Mitch B.