Today is the final day of activities for session 2A. Campers are making their final pushes to meet bar requirements or simply trying to make every moment last. The constant sun and breeze allowed for every class to be enjoyed to its full potential. Camp craft wrapped up the session with a lesson on campfires and proper s’more roasting technique. Backpackers in training were told about the three basic fire types: teepee, log cabin, and lean to. After a fire was built and s’mores consumed, there was an intricate discussion concerning the proper safety procedures given a zombie apocalypse. Tennis used the skills they learned this week to play King of the Court while climbing ascended the Overhang wall in the Mike. Fencing played Three Musketeers, an open field dynamic fencing match where the mighty musketeers face off against the royal guard.

After a hearty meal of grilled cheese and waffle fries and a blissful rest time, campers participated in the daily stampede to the trading post for their drink and snack. As usual, the tether ball courts were bustling with action but the real action today was the Thunderball court. This fast paced game is a mixture of four square, dodge ball, and racquetball. The object of the game is to avoid being hit in the leg with the ball and try to hit others in the leg to get them out. This can get a little difficult when there are thirty pairs of legs in a small enclosed area. Jack D. emerged victorious after an intense battle. There was also a free swim to take advantage of the beautiful weather. There was blobbing, flipping, swimming, and more! The biggest blob of the day was when Kennan S. blobbed Jack H. and he proceeded to fly through the air in a perfect superman position.

The evening activity for this evening is Little Chief. This is a sacred ceremony where we recognize campers for their progress through the Little Chief system. They earn marks to achieve higher ranks by getting bars in activities, commendations from fellow campers or counselors, or elective activities. For example: Tim M. earned his gold and guitar and received two marks. The highest rank is Little Chief. This is an honor that is only bestowed upon two or three campers a session. Tonight, we had the great pleasure of presenting Cole J. the rank of Little Chief. He has dedicated his camp experience to serving others and making camp a better place. We could not be more proud.

After the Little Chief ceremony, the cabins split to have one final activity with the close friends they have lived with for the past two weeks. Activities included everything from Stompers Knob vs Little Slaty Battleball to a Greybeard trip to an Asheville Tourist baseball game. Needless to say, every last moment of the day was packed with fun activities to kick off another great session. I believe I speak for all the counselors when I say that the sessions keep getting better. It was our honor and pleasure to serve your children as they grew in their activities, leadership, and faith. We wish you all safe travels and see you tomorrow!


Andrew L.
Little Slaty Counselor
Proud Seminole for 9 years