As the first two weeks in the second session come to a close here at Camp Timberlake, the boys are fully energized and striving to complete the camp well and earn as many activity and cabin commendations as they can.

The day began with several trips going out from an indoor soccer trip to a fly fishing trip. Noah Carroll and Emeliano G. performed very well during the indoor soccer trip as they competed against their peers in multiple scrimmages. Following the morning yell and a introspective chapel, the boys ran off to achieve their activity bars ranging from bronze to silver to the highly coveted gold. The day was filled with campers receiving their bar awards as a culmination of the hard work they have put into their activities starting from day one. Ford and Jake L., Peter H.s, Brendan A., Nathan M., Matteo A. were awarded their bronze bar in rocketry as they achieved a passing rocket launch. And Brian S. achieved the gold bar for rocketry, a very extinguished award. Ford Lange and Joey Dean were awarded the coveted gold bar in Team Sports, and Jake L. and Carson H. received their bronze bars. Tennis had a big day of awards as nine campers were given their bars for the hard work and talent they exhibited in the sport. Most notably, Peter D. and Jack H. received their gold bars in tennis. Price M. got his bronze in swimming. Jack D. was awarded his silver in kayaking. Archie D. received his bronze bar in guitar. During free time, a last year and veteran camper Cole J. organized a fencing tournament in which 8 fencers competed to win. Cameron W. rose to the top, fencing his way to win the championship.

Following the activities and dinner, the boys were ecstatic to hear that they were playing “Commando” as their final evening activity for the two week period in second session. As the day draws to a close, each camper is looking forward to the final “Little Chief” Ceremony which will take place tomorrow night after the close of the final full day of this period for Camp Timberlake.

-Counselor Jason