Camp Timberlake started off with a great tone. As I walked down to breakfast with my cabin there was energy in the air that only happens in the summer and only when everyone knows a day full of adventure, fun, and learning is ahead. The kitchen staff prepared a scrumptious breakfast of sausage, egg, and hash brown biscuits with granola and bowls of cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, and honey dew on the side. For me, this is one of my favorite breakfasts because of all the tasty fruit! I might want to add that most of the kids enjoyed the fruits as well.

After breakfast the boys gave a very hearty yell for the morning yell and all were excited for the message at chapel which Adam led. Cabin cleanup came up after that and at 9:30 am activities started. While some children ran to their on-camp activities we had a huge crew of 23 Timberlakers go to the Nantahala River for white water rafting! That means we had three boats representing Camp Timberlake and the awesome fun we have!  We also had a good amount of young men try their skills at climbing at Beacon Heights in which Kolby F. took his first climbing trip and had a lot of success crushing the routes!

For the on-camp activities where Camp Timberlake reached 83 degrees for a high, Grant H. received his silver in Team Sports up on Spencer’s Green and Diego R. got his bronze in soccer! Timberlake might have a soccer star on the rise if he keeps improving this much so fast! Over on the tennis courts, Mite P. won 2nd period king of the court in tennis! While up at the airsoft Charlie D. received his silver after defeating 3 opponents in a 3v1 and Adrian A. played airsoft for the first time.

Stromboli was served at lunch, which is a camp favorite. At lunch is also when the cleanest cabin in awarded. A much deserved 9.9 (on a scale of 10) was given to Big Piney for their practically spotless cabin!  Once lunch was finished a free swim was announced and enjoyed by many campers.  One of the most exciting things that happened today was on the diving boards where William in Little Piney jumped off the boards for his first time in his life! Yeah!!

Once third period started these children went right back to toning their skills in canoeing where they learned deep water rescue and in kayaking where kids learned to T-rescue and the Hand of God. Over by the Enchanted Barn, Liam L. finished his level 3 rocket for a chance at gold! And Emiliano G. and JT W. did awesome at climbing our 40 foot tower!

Needless to say, at dinner we had chicken alfredo where the campers ate their fill of carbs for tonight’s  tribal activity of Stealing Skins which is only the third time ever played at Camp Timberlake!

Big Slaty Counselor Brady R
Lets go ‘Noles!