It only takes three words to explain the most excellent/magnificent day in Timberlake history: Tribe-a-palooza.  One might ask what such a perfect day could consist of, and the answer is three evening activities in one single day.  That’s right, no regular activities on this Saturday, only tribe on tribe battles to the death.  But before all of the non-stop action, Tyler L. gave a great chapel where he spoke out of Galatians, and shared a personal story of how we deliberately disobey our parents and they still love us unconditionally, much like our father in Heaven.  Despite the fact that we cannot fulfill every law that God requires of us and we break them regularly, God is still gracious towards us with his never ending, never failing love.  After having been fed the word the campers geared up for the first tribal activity: Sock War.  There were some who didn’t participate in the morning activities because they were either on a climbing trip or a kayaking trip.  Harris C., Eric H., and Hank B., traveled to Pigeon river for an awesome time Kayaking. Alex S., Spencer G., Diego R., Aldo V., and Tim M. had an awesome time climbing at Devils cellar.

The field was spit in two; the tribes stood afar waiting for the siren to sound; with great anticipation the game began.  Socks flew like streamers from one side to the other, micro teams where formed in the strategic maneuvering to reach the opposing teams flag.  As the time came to an end and the jail had filled for the last time of the first round, no team had successfully captured the opposing flag.  The second round began after the teams switched sides.  The same story that was told before happened again for the second round; no victor.  What seemed to be the final round ended with a stunning dash to the flag and successful return by Liam an Iroquois. But oh contrary to the usual three round game; a fourth round was played, the Seminoles had one chance to tie the single flag capture by the Iroquois.  The Seminoles where unsuccessful in their attempts; the question that is longing to be answered is that of did the Iroquois single flag capture cement an Iroquois victory or did the Seminoles get enough Iroquois out?  We await the answer until tomorrow.

After a much anticipated rest hour which the campers love as much the counselors… almost; it was time to find out what the second tribal activity would be: The Great Escape.  The object of the game is to trek across campus capturing clues and eventually capturing the final flag.  It was a heated battle but there was a flag capture and victory by a single Iroquois team lead by Brian S.  But what can be better to follow up the Great Escape than a FREE SWIM!  That’s right, the blob was active, the Kayakers were about, paddle boarding was active, canoeing was a go, water polo was going strong, and last but not least the water slide was as slippery as ever.  Every water activity was fully functioning for optimum enjoying, but that’s not all that the day gave away, the final evening activity was soon to be announced after dinner: Inferno.  The last inferno which was played during 2A was one of the most competitive games of the summer, and every one hopes that this one shall match it, but only time will tell.

-Christian L.