DSC_0072As the sun rolled over these beautiful mountains that we are blessed enough to call home for the summer, the men of Timberlake arose from their beds and began their march down to the dining hall for a delicious meal. This morning, the kids were treated to french toast sticks and sausage patties, traditionally a camper favorite. This morning’s meal was especially enjoyed by Jimbo D., who today ate his personal best in french toast sticks! After eating, Timberlake gathered outside for the morning yell and then went back up the hill for Chapel.


This morning Adam B. gave the message during Chapel. During his message he referenced Romans 3:23 and John 10:10, and primarily spoke about how none of us want to be exposed and how no one knows the ugliest parts of us. After Chapel, every camper went back to his cabin and had cabin cleanup. The results for cabin cleanup would be read at lunch, and every camper was hoping that today would be the day that their cabin would topple the Tomahawk dynasty.


After cabin cleanup, the day’s activities finally began. In Archery, Will A. and Jesse B. each had one bulls-eye, while Houston J.  had three! All the way across camp, in Riflery, Henry M. and Jagger D. both shot a personal best! Later, David G. dominated his paintball class, and in backpacking, William C., Tyler M., Price S., George S., and Landon W. all dominated the low ropes course and got one step further in earning their bronzes.


After the morning activities had ended, Timberlake gathered for a favorite time in each camper’s day, lunch. Today’s lunch was incredible as we had cheese and pepperoni pizza and for dessert we had cake! Spirits were high and great times were being had, and at this time, camp was at its best. Everyone was sitting around tables, talking and laughing, and just having an amazing time overall.


Later in lunch, the announcements came. First came the Cabin Cleanup scores, presented by Cabin Area Director Rusty W., who said that today’s scores were among the best scores ever! In last, came Big Slaty, Little Slaty, and Little Piney, with a 9. Stomper’s Knob was one place ahead of these three with a 9.25. Only two cabins were left, Tomahawk, the youngest, and Greybeard, the oldest. Amazingly, Tomahawk overcame the odds for the third day in a row and beat Greybeard by a score of 9.75 to 9.5! Then, the announcement everyone was waiting for came, the winner of last night’s Battleball. The Seminoles had won and started a winning streak in the process!


After lunch came a personal favorite, rest time, and was followed by free time, which was full of activities today. In basketball, Andrew W., Josh H., and Tim M. led the way and each played a great game. Up the hill at the tennis courts, Calvin T. rallied with the tennis instructors and play incredibly. Also, Mason B., Richard B., William B., Jimbo D., Jake J., AJ J., Jack M., and Nate S. gathered together as the cabin of Tomahawk and launched a giant paper airplane and a boat, both made out of poster board, on the lake during free time. Both the airplane and the boat succeeded and made all of Tomahawk, campers and staff alike, happy. Chuck H. and Ben L. also made the most of their free times today, as they learned Wagon Wheel on the guitar and begun their bronze requirements.


After free time, Timberlake split off again for their afternoon activities. In soccer, Gabe V. and Keifer M. won World Cup as Spain, while in rocketry, Jagger D., Jesse B., and Richard B. completed their rockets. In fencing, Thomas B., learned distance-fencing technique and in kayaking Bryce B. did his first wet exit in a kayak! However, one of the coolest things of the day happened in climbing. Instead of climbing, Iroquois Chief Quinn M. chose to belay campers and gave up his turn until each and every camper had climbed. What a guy!


Finally, camp gathered together for one more meal of chicken lo mein and fudge bars. It was universally loved by Timberlake and gave them to strength to play tonight’s evening activity, Ninja Training!


As I write this, Timberlake is engaged in another epic battle between the Seminoles and Iroquois. Who will win? What will be the cost? Tune in tomorrow and find out!


Until Next Time,


Charlie Richards

Tomahawk Counselor

Proud Seminole

Go Dawgs