DSCN6872With day 5 in the books, it is safe to say that the first Friday of Camp was a true success. After Monday and Tuesday were mainly spent on safety talks and standard procedures, yesterday and today were days where the boys could find their first moments of achievement and success. As a result there were many smiles and content hearts to be found amongst the fellas.


While this was the first Friday of camp, this was also the first day that a rock climbing trip took to the mountains of Western Carolina (Rumbling Bald specifically). With Counselor Andrew M. leading the adventure, Alejandro G, Thompson B, Mike A, Mason B, Quinn M, Henry M, Alex S, Thomas C, and Joseph M took on the journey with much excitement. Back at camp, the Timberlake swimmers spent time refining their freestyle strokes, with Jimbo D. modeling the way for the rest of the campers. As the climbing staff begins to transition out of safety rules, the campers worked on belaying, which essentially involves one person supporting the weight of the climber, thus allowing the climber to reach the top safe and sound. While on the topic of mountain climbing, the backpacking class hiked the Tomahawk trail in preparing for future trips. In canoeing, Hugh C. and Houston J. excelled at learning how to handle the possibility of a canoe tipping over. Their energetic attitudes assisted them in persevering through the challenging classwork. Counselor Drew directed his fencing classes to focus on their footwork, basic blade work, and overall technique when engaged in a duel. Paintball and airsoft also saw much success with the boys, as Trey F, Benjamin H, and Benjamin L all received their bronze bars in paintball for showing both courage and leadership as well as properly listing the safety requirements. Soccer spent their time playing full games while also working on positional play. Tennis continued to dissect the art of the backhand and forehand play as well as engaging in the game of jailbreak, which pushes the camper to excel at technique while under pressure. Finally, team sports played ultimate frisbee which Camper William B. did quite well at. Drew W. received his bronze, while Calvin T. received his silver in team sports.


Tonight, the evening activity is Little Chief which takes time to recognize campers for their success in various events and activities. Four campers are receiving the honor of scout. They are Mason B, Richard B, William B, and Josef M. Something that is also being announced during Little Chief is the camper and counselor accommodations. This is when both campers and counselors vote for fellow campers on who has stepped out in leadership.


Tomahawk Cabin

William B

Jimbo D

Nate S

Jack M


Little Piney Cabin

Jack W

Hugh C

Houston J

Alex S


Stompers Knob Cabin

Chuck H

Tyler M

William M

Landon W


Little Slaty Cabin

Gabe V

Tyler S


Big Slaty Cabin

Trey F

Henry M

Tim M


Greybeard Cabin

Quinn M

Will C

Ben H.


Overall, it was another great day of classes, memories and moments of success. From good food to great friends, these Timberlake campers are thrilled to be at camp and ready for another fun week of it!


Counselor David