7:30 a.m the men of Timberlake sleepily made their way down to breakfast. However, they quickly were energized by a wholesome breakfast of pancakes and bacon. This was much needed because today was going to be a big day, two river trips went out this morning. A kayaking trip lead went out on the exciting Tuckasegee River with campers Trey F, Calvin T, Quinn M, and Hank B and a whitewater adventure set off on the raging Nantahala. As these trips went out after the morning yell and chapel camp proceeded in the usual manner: activity bars were achieved, friendships built and memories were made.


In cabin cleanup the dark house Little Piney had a 3 peat, for the last 3 days the 2nd youngest cabin has come in first. Up at the mark where wrestling and fencing is held there is much news worth mentioning. Camper David G perfected advanced technique in fencing and earned a silver. On the other side wrestlers worked on both bronze and silver requirements such as the Ankle pick and sweep single but concluded each class with the fun game of tiger tail. Down on Spencer’s green, you could see rocketry class when rocketry is out of the hut it only means one thing, its launch day. The whole area was captivated as campers Cooper D, Jesse B, and William M made one step closer to working for NASA. The whole area was captivated as the the fruition of their labor soar over 1000 feet in the air. Also on the green soccer celebrated the first day of the world cup with a 4v4 game team Brazil vs Team America. They also went over shooting and passing drills with camper Gabe V as a standout.


At the back packing hut campers worked on their outdoor survival skills. They were instructed on essential knots, hanging a tarp, the importance of leaving no trace and William E earned his bronze. In airsoft Price S earned his bronze and in paintball the class played team elimination. Furthermore campers Keefer M, Gabe M and Alex J as a team defeated two counselors. On Lake Doris you could find swimming class working on their strokes and Tyler M earning his bronze. On the other side of the dock canoes were in the water working on advanced technique. They used buoys as gates and navigated their way through as the instructor Josiah described it “it was the capstone of the session”. At up on the tennis courts a few games of jailbreak were played and Hugh C, Houston J, Tyler M, Jimbo D, and Calvin T all earned their bronze.


Over a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo we found out our evening activity drum roll please…COMMANDO! The mother of all evening activities its not a just a waterballoon fight but a water balloon war. Counselors fingers are sore from tieing over 1,500 water balloons, and of course its a tribal event. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out the winner. Many other young men achievements could of been recognized but this article and night must come to end. Life is good here at Timberlake.




Daniel Nick


Big Slaty Counselor