The last day of the first session started at the crack of dawn, 7:30, with a wonderfully delicious and nutritious breakfast of eggs, hash-browns, and sausage.  Counselor Josiah gave the first announcement of the morning- Timberlake’s first canoeing trip of the summer would be heading out directly after breakfast!  Campers William M., Wyatt S., Trey F., Tyler S., Jack W., and Davis M. had a great time on the half-day trip, learning how to navigate one of the local rivers utilizing teamwork and paddles.  After the breakfast was devoured, plates and tables were quickly cleared and all headed out for the traditional morning yell and chapel.


The morning flew by, as campers excelled at their last periods, earned bars and made memories. Greybeard, the oldest cabin at Timberlake, won cabin cleanup with a perfect score, but did not manage to defeat Tomahawk, the youngest cabin, who won cabin cleanup over the whole of the session. Starting at the farthest reaches of camp, Mitchell J. earned his bronze through demonstrating exceptional bravery during a fierce battle. In Airsoft, Jack M., Hugh C., Houston J. and Davis M. earned their bronzes. Climbing met today at the lower tower, and William E. displayed great determination to earn his bronze along with fellow camper Nathanael S.

Fencing and wrestling met at the Mark, with Will C., Calvin T., and Landon W. earning their bronze in Fencing, and Jagger D. and Gabe V. earning their bronze in wrestling.


Down at the great lake Doris, campers Brooks M. and Calvin T. paddled and rolled to earn their bronzes, while canoeing had a red letter day in bronzes: Hugh C., Houston J., Alex S., Jack W., Will E., and Nate S. all earned their bronzes today.

The landlubbing backpackers hiked to a shelter on a knob nearby camp and Brooks M. earned his bronze. The grand tennis players worked on doubles today and Chuck H. excelled in the game, making great progress with his backhand.  Chuck H. also joined Griffin P. in earning their bronzes in guitar strummin’.  At the range, future Robin Hoods loosened arrows.  Thomas C., Alex G. and Jagger D. earned their bronzes while David G. earned a gold. Camper William B. managed to unstring a bow during his shot, a rare and magnificent accident caused by immense strength (quite incredible for a tomahawk!).


After a wonderful supper of Chicken and potatoes, the campers all filed out to their evening activity, LITTLE CHIEF: the sacred ceremony to celebrate the selected successes of specific campers (say that five times fast). The great Seminole Tribe won Commando last night.


To close out this article entry, a question and answer with a camper:

Question: What’s the best thing about Timberlake?

“I guess it’s how everyone treats you like family, even though you’re away from home.”- Wyatt S.


And that is Timberlake, ladies and gents.


Counselor Luke