Good evening from Camp Timberlake! Today was a truly exciting day as campers returned to their regularly scheduled activities in hopes of honing their skills and achieving bars. The day began with a savory selection of waffles and sausage patties accompanied by the normal fare of yogurt, granola, grits, and oatmeal. My mom always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and here at camp, breakfast is treated as such, consistently providing much needed nourishment for our daily activities.

After an especially rousing morning yell, the campers hurried toward chapel where they were lucky enough to have counselors Thomas and Davis lead morning worship. Thomas and Davis did not disappoint, bringing back several camp classics to the delight of the older campers. Counselor John H shared a personal story to illustrate our inability to reach God without the sacrifice of Jesus. He explained how Jesus comes to seek us when we are lost, bringing us back to God. Campers then returned to their cabins to clean their personal areas and complete their daily chores.

As I mentioned, campers returned to their activities today with a renewed vigor, hoping to capitalize on their opportunities for personal growth. Kayaking started especially well with Nathan V, Nick B, and Douglas D all learning their rolls in first period. Nathan V and Nick B may seem small, but they are gaining renown far and wide as rumors spread of their impressive boating skills. Not to be outdone, Douglas D perfected his roll and displayed further mastery by helping to teach others. What a guy! Later in the day, kayaking veterans Wes H, Henry M, Harrison C, and Cameron S continued to impress as they practiced more difficult skills and assisted their friends with the basics.

The backpackers built chemistry by competing in teams on the low ropes course. Everyone learned great teamwork and trust, and counselor JC K noted that Ben B and James B performed exceptionally well. In climbing, Ryan C successfully belayed and Quinn M climbed the indoor overhang for the first time. Upon arriving at archery, I was informed of a tremendous display by Rob C as he set the range record at 15 and 20 yards. After a short little jaunt over to the tennis courts, I was able to see incredible progress of Brendan D.

The boys then moved on to lunch where the announcement of stromboli was greeted with deafening cheers. There have no doubt been more chants of “THANK YOU KITCHEN!” this year than in any years past. Cabin cleanup scores were greeted with much anticipation as Tomahawk walked away with another victory after scoring an extraordinary 9.9. Earning a 7.75, Little Piney was aghast to learn that they had again landed in last place.

This afternoon, many campers worked for bars in their respective activities. Campers flooded to team sports to attempt various challenges while others were engaged by playing competitive games of thunder ball and spike ball. Wes H achieved a gold bar in team sports, and counselor Robbie tells me that James B is very close to getting gold. Tyler S also completed the necessary requirements to earn his bronze bar in airsoft. Elsewhere at camp, Lawton H, Oliver J, Patrick G, and Daniel H all earned bronze bars in swimming.

Later in the day, news began trickling into camp as trips returned from their adventures. Counselor Danny reports that H and Diego D dazzled on the wakeboarding trip, and all campers enjoyed time kneeboarding. Jack E, Tyler S, Wilson J, and Parker B had an awesome time on the fly fishing trip where the rain did little to dampen their spirits. They saw a number of rainbow and brook trout, unlucky to come away without catching a fish but still reveling in a fun day spent fishing with great friends.

After a long day of activities, the boys feasted upon chicken fajitas before heading out for the evening activity where Seminole and Iroquois competed in an intense game of Ninja Training. I know all will return to their cabins tonight worn-out but satisfied from a thrilling day of activities. Then again, that describes every day at Camp Timberlake.

Counselor Andrew

Little Piney

Swimming Instructor