That’s right it was Cowboy Joe day at camp, a day that is very special and carries a rich tradition with it at Camp Timberlake. For those of you unfamiliar with what Cowboy Joe day truly is it is a day honoring, well the man himself, Cowboy Joe. This particular person created tasty pastries known as nut doughs (doughnuts) and made a living in the Blue Ridge Mountains selling these pastries to all he met. His landing in the blue ridge mountains was an accident as his intentions were set on heading west to California, but being the befuddled and backwards working man he was he headed the wrong direction. This mishap was truly a blessing to all those around the area as we are all able to enjoy his tasty pastries, and this is exactly what we all did today in remembrance of Cowboy Joe.

After an extra hour of sleep Cowboy Joe and his brigade awoke all of Timberlake leaving its’ campers to enjoy his nut doughs and cow juice (milk) as a breakfast in bed. Following this delicious treat, campers made their way down to the lower tennis courts for some friendly battle ball, where Grant D. had an incredible catch for the Seminole tribe. Other notable players were Wes H., Henry B., and Oliver J. Following battle ball, camp went back into full swing where everyone participated in their activities, yet with a little twist. Not only was it Cowboy Joe day, but it was also staff appreciation day, where each camper in Greybeard was able to act as a staff member for the day and teach a particular class of their choice. Each member of Greybeard did an exceptional job, and I can say as a staff member and Greybeard counselor that we as a staff felt appreciated.

Even though the day may have been a little different from a typical day at camp, it didn’t stop kids from striving for bars in their activities. With that being said, Cole H., Alejandro G., and Wes H. earned their bronze bar in tennis. In canoeing Tyler Smith earned his bronze bar and on the other side of the lake Oliver J., Daniel H., and Rob C. earned their bronze bar in swimming. Cooper C. displayed his musical talents as he earned his bronze bar in guitar. It was also an eventful day in fencing as James K. earned his bronze bar while Tyler Snively and Owen S. earned their silver bar and Jack J. moved one step closer to his gold bar. Tyler Snively also excelled in archery today as he earned his gold bar, which is a very rare and difficult feat. Another notable gold bar today went to James B. in team sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, and flag football). Jack B. battled and fought his way to a bronze bar in wrestling. Overall it was a very successful day at camp in terms of bar recipients, which is a way to recognize ones growth and achievement in a particular activity.

Other notable events at camp today came in the form of tournaments open for anyone willing to participate. Brendan D. organized and led a 2v2 basketball tournament where Jack E. and Harrison C. rolled through the bracket and came away victorious. Another tournament was the riflery tournament, which we still wait for the victor, as it must be continued on another day.

With the combination of Cowboy Joe, staff appreciation, and the success in earning bars, Camp Timberlake hosted a great day of fun fostering memories and experiences for years to come. Camp Timberlake is truly a special place and there is never a dull day especially not today. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Counselor Chris