Today was a great Monday at Camp Timberlake!  We woke up to the bugle tooting away at 7:00 this morning and got all the boys down to breakfast.  Breakfast today was one of my personal favorites: Make your own biscuit.  We had biscuits with the option of sausage, eggs, hash browns, and cheese, and we all left with full bellies ready to power through the day.  Immediately after breakfast, Camp Timberlake crowded in a circle of manliness and proceeded to yell from the depths of their chest for the morning yell.

Immediately after the yell, the campers all walked up to Chapel for some great time worshipping God and hearing his word.  It was Dan Singletary himself delivering the message to the campers this morning.  When he was done, all the cabins embarked on the journey that Cabin Cleanup presents.  All of the boys know that the cleanest cabin will be announced at lunch so everyone works to win for their cabin.

The daily activities began soon after.  Due to the session ending on Thursday, Sunday was adjusted to being on the Tuesday-Thursday schedule so that the campers could still have the three classes that they signed up for.  22 of the campers missed the activities today because of an action packed rafting trip to the Nantahala River.

Tons of great stuff went down in today’s activities.  Bobby G. excelled in fly-fishing, and helped out in the class.  Cody S. slammed the tennis ball down the court and mastered groundstrokes in tennis while playing doubles.  Devin H. and James B. both did great rolls in Kayaks; this takes a lot of practice as well as a lot of confidence.  In Riflery, John H. earned the respectable award of Bronze bar by completing several requirements.

After having loads of fun in the first two activities, all of Timberlake gathered in the Tucker Inn for a lunch of grilled cheese, French fries, and tasty tomato soup.  At the end of the meal cabin cleanup scores were announced and Tomahawk took the win with a whopping 9.8 out of 10.  After that, the crowd went wild to hear the winner of the previous night’s evening activity.  When the Iroquois were announced as the winner of El Presidente, the whole tribe celebrated with whooping and hollering!  Soon after that short burst of craziness, we migrated to our cabins for rest time.

When all were well rested and ready to continue the festivities, the campers all scurried down to the Trading post where they can get their daily fix of candy and soda.  During this time, the campers crowded around the tetherball courts and thunderball arena to have some friendly competition.

After getting loaded with sugar, the boys of Timberlake received the great opportunity of a free swim in Lake Doris.  So many fun and thrilling things happen in the lake, and during the free swim, everything happened at once.  The campers had the choice of paddling around in kayaks, scooting across the water on our paddleboards, taking flight off of our blob, bouncing off the diving boards or just going for a good ol’ swim.  After a great hour of free swim, the afternoon activities commenced.

In the afternoon Logan M. learned the powerful half nelson in wrestling class.  On the climbing tower Sam R. impressed everyone by climbing the hardest side.  Also Quinn M., and Nick L. raced to the top and were both able to muscle their way up in only a minute.  In riflery, Blake C. had very accurate shots, and Luke H. made a lot of improvements in his form and precision.  On Spencer’s Green, Nick L. taught a soccer class about being Goalie and was able to help Ben L. learn a lot about blocking shots.

After some great daily activities at Timberlake, the boys gathered for a dinner of some scrumptious ravioli and steamed veggies.  Afterward, the boys embarked on today’s evening activity: Great Escape.  In the game, the boys roam all over camp looking for counselors to give them clues for the hidden flags.

Now that the day is coming to a close, it is quite clear that Camp Timberlake strives to make the summer camp experience the best that it can be for each and every camper.




Counselor Andrew M.


Climbing Staff


Proud Seminole