After an epic Cowboy Joe day, campers awoke this Wednesday morning eager to take on a brand new day at camp. They were greeted by a breakfast of coffee cake and sausage links and then it was time for the always anticipated morning yell. Counselor Charlie got everyone pumped up and then everyone hustled off to Chapel where campers were encouraged with the wonderful news of Jesus’ abundant love for each and every one of them. After cabin cleanup, campers and counselors took to their morning activities with gusto!

There were many outstanding performances in the morning! Trey D eked out his riflery bronze bar in the final 5 minutes of class while Mauricio S dominated swimming class with his fantastic butterfly stroke. Several classes as a whole had great performances in bars with tennis handing out 22 bronzes and 9 silvers while several wrestlers earned bronze and silver bars.

There was also a lot of excitement going on outside the walls of camp. Six boys went on a water skiing trip in the morning and Graham R and Mauricio D showed off their skills by jumping over the wake again and again without a single fall. Simultaneously, the first ever (how cool is that?!) Camp Timberlake combined kayaking and canoeing trip took on the Tuckasegee river. James BTucker HKevin R and Diego S performed very well on the river, and all four boys completed a combat role. The trip was a rousing success and this trip will no doubt continue to run year after year. Once everyone reassembled for a glorious lunch of mini-corn-dogs (it is amazing how much kids love those things), it was time for the best time.. rest time!

After rest time, the kids ran for their final trading post goodies of the session and enjoyed a restful hour and a half of free time. Once free time was over, everyone was ready for the final two activities of their time at camp. In the afternoon activities, Scott R got his gold bar in team sports and his silver bar in soccer and his buddy Charles D was also able to earn his soccer silver bar. Over at the climbing tower, Nick L beat the tower record with an ultra-quick ascent to the top and Quinn M attempted to climb up the overhang blindfolded! (Of course he was still wearing a harness, we’re not that crazy.)

Once activities came to a close, the camp settled down to a dinner of chicken alfredo and the always delicious cheesy biscuits. During dinner, anticipation started mounting for the announcement of the evening activity. Counselor Charlie donned the red helmet, ran around the dining hall like a wild man, and ultimately yelled out “ITS THE FINAL CAMPFIRE!!” The announcement was met by everyone humming (not really in tune) Europe’s classic song “The Final Countdown.” At the final campfire, many deserving boys received counselor and camper commendations for demonstrating outstanding leadership and service in their cabins and activities. After the announcements of commendations, around 20 campers were awarded promotions for earning enough bars in their activities and enough commendations in their cabins to warrant a promotion in the Little Chief system. The most prominent promotion a boy can obtain at camp is, of course, the promotion to the rank of “Little Chief.” This rank is won through many many years at camp and countless hours of hard work in an attempt to gather as many bars, commendations, and bonus marks as possible. This session, one boy rose to the challenge and received the rank, Bobby G. Bobby was greeted by a standing ovation and hugs from everyone around him in a heartwarming moment signifying the culmination of years of hard work. Following Bobby’s recognition, the Greybeard campers who have exhausted their eligibility at camp got the opportunity to speak to their fellow campers. They imparted their wisdom to the younger campers and implored them to continue to return to, in their words, “a life-changing” place. The final campfire was closed out by the campers shaking each counselor’s hand and everybody belting out the camp hymn for the last time together. There was seldom a dry eye as everyone thought back to the wonderful summer he has enjoyed up to this point.

Once the campfire was over, it was off to one of everyone’s favorite activities, Commando! Commando is essentially a giant water balloon fight involving balloon launchers, life jackets, and archery targets that truly has to be seen to be believed. The Seminoles dominated the game but tomorrow will be the moment of truth as the winner of the banner will be revealed. The Iroquois are very confident, but the Seminoles are holding out hope for a come-from-behind victory. But that must wait until tomorrow and all the counselors cannot wait to see all the parents here for our closing ceremony. I know I speak for all of us when I say how privileged we are to be able to live life alongside your sons’ at such a fantastic place. See you tomorrow!


Brandon Chase

Little Piney Counselor

Professional article writer