As the sun crept over the ridge breaking through the fog and shining its rays all over the property a glorious first day at Camp Timberlake lay ahead. And a great first day at camp is exactly what happened, there was constant action from the sound of reveille until it was time to wind down in the evening. Although it was a first day of activities, many campers stood out right away showing off their talents from the start with minimal instruction. With a great breakfast consisting of waffle sticks, sausage, and of course the yogurt bar, everyone was ready to take on all that ensued causing for an eventful day.

Yet, before activities could occur a few things had to happen that are part of Camp Timberlake’s rich tradition. Shortly after breakfast all gathered round the back green for the morning yell, where voices were raised as one letting all in the mountain range know that we are here! Following this, chapel ensued, where all heard a great message on who Jesus is and raised their voices together in worship. One thing different about this chapel is that an ugliest camper needed to be found and this was awarded to the camper who stilled had the most paint on following initiation from the night before. Coming away with this honor was Andrew S. who still had paint caked all over his face and he wore it proudly. Moving on to something more cleanly was the usual cabin cleanup where all the cabins compete for glory, honor, and pride as they strive to have the cleanest cabin, because a clean cabin is a happy cabin. Today for the first time all Summer Stomper’s Knob came away with the victory, a new session brings hope for a new start and it looks like the men of Stomper’s Knob realized this early on.

In wrestling Ian C. displayed some instinctual abilities much like a lion taking down his opponents swiftly and with tenacity. Jacob W. also showed toughness in wrestling class as it was very difficult to remove him from the mat, because no matter whether he lost or won he always wanted more and was quick to bounce back up taking on whatever came his way. In rocketry our future astronauts started off strong building their rockets and Nico L. showed off his wits and craftiness as he began his level 3 rocket, which is a requirement for gold bar. In the lake, swimming class began strong first thing in the morning with 16 of camp’s older men coming in with enthusiasm and energy making for a great class. George H. and Mike P. continued swimming laps even once instruction was finished displaying heart and determination to get better or simply stay fit. In kayaking kids began simple in their boats learning basic strokes, yet something completely opposite of basic, was a front flip completed in a kayak by Harris C., something that looked incredible. Moving on to new heights Daniel Y. showed off expert climbing ability and technique as he maneuvered about the climbing wall with ease. While Daniel crushed the rock wall Ben A. was tearing up the archery range demonstrating marksmanship comparable to that of Robin Hood.

During free time a lot happened: the puppies were played with, the Tomahawk trail was ran where Tom B. and Jack H. killed it, and tribal elections took place. In the tribal elections two lookouts from the lower cabins, a chief from Greybeard, and a med-man from either Greybeard or Big Slaty were elected for each tribe. For the Iroquois Zeb H. and Ian C. were elected as lookouts while Eric H. was elected chief and joined by Harris C. as med-man. For the Seminoles Andres D. and Hugh S. were elected as lookouts and Grant H. was elected chief only to be joined by his fellow med-man Will K. These men from each tribe will lead their tribe members into battle each night as everyone competes for total glory and rights to the banner at the end of the session.

It was a phenomenal first day as safety talks were completed and everyone could begin participating in their activities. There was no short in events or fun as everyone swapped stories over a great dinner; during this time the dining hall was buzzing with excitement from a great day. As the day comes to an end one can only hope what tomorrow can bring as all anxiously await the fun and opportunity that a new day brings.



Chris Boyarizo

Proud Seminloe

Greybeard Counselor