As the dust has finally settled from the tires rolling through camp and the arrival of this wonderful group of new campers, the steady rhythm of the days has begun to kick in for what is sure to be one of the best sessions Timberlake has ever had. With the settling of the dust, that nervous excitement that so many held has also dissipated from the air, only to be replaced by an infectious and energetic excitement that is resonating off these glorious mountains we at Camp Timberlake call home. Just as quickly as the second full day of camp came, so it went; but, to be sure, there was no shortage of fun here at camp as today was, like every day, a day of endless fun filled with growth, friends, and adventure.

The morning bugle came, as timely as a Swiss watch, promptly at 7:00 am, followed by the inevitable groans and mumbles as the still sleepy campers and counselors alike wiped their eyes and arose to take on the day. A quick step out onto the porch and into the crisp morning air, followed by the anticipatory thoughts of the day ahead shook off those remnants of sleepiness as the campers strode down to the Tucker Inn for our morning meal. After devouring the baked oatmeal, coffee cake, and my personal favorite, the bacon, we were all fueled and ready for the day. Then, being the men that we are, we let our testosterone flow as we screamed to the heavens and made our presence known through the morning yell. Next, as per custom, we scurried up the hill to chapel, where Doctor Tom (Counselor Tom) spoke to us about the graciousness of our amazing God, who daily steps up to the plate and takes on our transgressions.

At the sound of the first period bugle, the campers raced off to their respective activities, where they were briefed on the safety rules of the activities before delving into the fun planned for the day. All the while, outside the bounds of camp, a group of climbers set up and took on the broad face of Chimney Rock Mountain, where they spent the day conquering its intricacies and, most importantly, their fears. At the same time, a group of water-skiers carved through the glassiness of Lake James like a knife through butter, led by what was described as a “professional performance” by our very own Elliot D. Back at camp, our morning activities seamlessly proceeded, highlighted by Daniel Y. speeding through the construction of his level 1 rocket in just one day and Erich H. demonstrating his expertise in kayaking. Up on Spencer’s Green, Beau A. razzled and dazzled on the soccer field, while Brandon P. earned his bronze bar on the wrestling mats in a mere forty-five minutes of action, which is nothing short of remarkable.

Shortly thereafter, the lunch bell sounded, followed by the stampede of feet rushing to the Tucker Inn for yet another wonderful meal. As we happily ate our delicious meal of chicken sandwiches and curly fries, the tables were abuzz with conversation of the morning’s many happenings. At the conclusion of the meal, the anticipation was almost palpable leading up to the announcement of the winners for both cabin cleanup for the day and El Presidente the night before. While the cabin clean up prize was heralded by the cabin of Big Slaty (with a respectable second taken by my boys in Tomahawk), the previous evening’s activity was swept away in glorious fashion by the one and the only Iroquois tribe. After the most highly debated “best time” of the day (it clearly is the best time), rest time, a yet more ferocious stampede occurred as the campers rushed to quench their endless cravings for sugar and sweets at the trading post. After developing a nice sugar rush, several of the campers and counselors, led by Counselor Cody, went to the mike where we grinded through an epic circuit workout with eight stations and thirty-second intervals. Throughout the endeavor, Matteo A. pounded out some impressive pushups while Parker C. did some burpees for the ages.

With sweat still dripping from the free time fitness, the third period bugle sounded, and the campers again raced off to their afternoon activities. Up at the tennis courts, Matteo A. took that workout strength and unleashed it on the courts while roaring to a victory in the ever-popular game of jail. Up at the waterfront, the canoeists tried to make their way through the swimming gauntlet and keep from getting swamped (flipped over) by the swimmers. At the same time, Charlie B. showed up some impressive skill from the diving board and eloquently flipped his way into the water. Similarly, Ian C. and Wade R. worked on some synchronized diving and flips from the board while Hugh S. rigorously graded their efforts. All the while, Jack W. excelled up at the guitar hut strumming away numerous chords. And just like that, another day of activities came to close here at camp. But that does not mean that the fun for the day has ended – oh no – for as we speak, the campers are fiercely competing in tonight’s activity of Ninja Training. To be sure, it has been another wonderful day at Timberlake and there are many, many more to come.


All the best,


Counselor Aaron


Proud Iroquois


Tomahawk Counselor