Campers awoke on this fine Sunday morning ready and eager to take on another terrific day at Camp Timberlake. The boys started off strong at breakfast, filling their stomachs with delicious cinnamon rolls and ice-cold glasses of orange juice, a Sunday favorite. After their bellies were filled they headed outside to the back lawn for the morning yell.


The morning yell was a mighty one, and from there the boys took off to chapel where they heard a message from the one and only Adam Boyd.  Adam shared that God loves each and every one of us and that he will never give us the silent treatment.  Chapel ended and the boys raced to clean the cabins. After the cabins were spick and span, the campers headed on to their morning activities.  The morning started out cloudy, but the sun was not slow to shine over camp. In the morning activities, the boys killed it at the upper climbing wall.  All of the boys got to climb/work toward their bars, and Daniel Y. got even closer to getting his silver.  In pottery, the campers got to get there hands dirty making pinch pots and coils, as well as throwing on the wheel. Throwing is a process of spinning clay and shaping it on a wheel to create a pot. Camper Michael L. did especially well throwing.  Up at wrestling, Counselor Andrew R. taught campers about the rules of wrestling were they then worked on stance and foot techniques as well as the double leg. To finish off the morning, camper Colby F. earned his gold in rifelry! What an achievement!


Morning activities ended and all of the campers ran down to the dining hall as the lunch bell rang.  There awaited endless trays of grilled cheese, curly fries, tomato soup, and rice crispy treats for desert.  The guys loved them!


Once everyone had finished eating and the cabin cleanup winners were announced, all headed up to the best time, Rest time! After a solid 30-minute rest time, the boys charged to free time where climbers Dash V. and Nico L. continued to work toward bars.  Timberlake fitness also took place during free time.  Here campers have an opportunity to exercise, work out, and get fit with Timberlake’s fittest counselors Davis B, Luke S, and Aaron H. doing pushups, sit ups, cardio, and sometimes running the Tomahawk Trail.


After a great free time of camper fellowship, it was time for the afternoon activities to begin! Over at Lake Doris the Canoeing squad worked diligently on learning new strokes.  Camper Conor B. especially stood out in canoeing, showing great improvement and being a fine example for the class. In kayaking, campers worked on improving their wet exits, hip snaps and strokes. In backpacking, campers learned about a few of the fundamentals of backpacking and were then challenged in a campfire-building contest.  Nico L. led the pack building the best fire and winning the competition!  Moving on up to Spencer’s Green, team sports played an ultimate game of ultimate Frisbee, dominated by Eric and Seth H.  Soccer was all good fun with campers working on bars and camper Bailey M. working toward his silver.


Once afternoon activities finished, the boys bolted down to the classic Sunday dinner, fried chicken.  After everyone finished up, Program director Matt H. pumped the campers up for evening activity.  As the dinning hall roared, he announced that upper cabins would compete in wonder ball (a competitive game of soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee into one, on a soccer field using a soccer ball) followed by a free swim, and that lower cabins would be chilling and having fun with a free swim!  Everyone loves to play wonder ball as well as swim at Lake Doris! Campers love getting to blob, jump off the diving boards, and grow friendships at the free swims!


The campers enjoyed another jam-packed day of great fun and activities at Timberlake.  Today was definitely one filled with growth, friends and adventure! Until next time!


Alex Johnson


Greybeard Counselor