Monday morning has arrived! The storm last night left us with cool breezes and sunny skies this morning.  This is the best weather we have seen thus far this summer ~  you can’t ask for a better way to start the week than that! The boys started their day with a healthy serving of waffles and after our breakfasts we had the traditional morning ‘yell’. The yell gets the boys fired up for another great day at camp.

In Chapel we heard a great message from our very own John H.  John spoke about a mighty storm that his family experienced out on the ocean and related it to the passage in Mark 6 where Jesus calmed the storm.  This experience gave them great confidence in the power of prayer, as God showed Himself faithful to preserve their lives and taught them that can always depend on the Lord for help. After Chapel, the boys showed their skills in cleaning the cabins. This teaches the boys a sense of responsibility and discipline; this is all part of becoming better men, which we want all of our boys to learn. After they finished, it was onto adventure! First period was marked by determination and effort as the guys earn bars and skills. In climbing we worked really hard and had a lot of fun. Jonah P. completed a route on the boulder for a requirement for his bronze. Also Alex showed off his climbing ability by dominating the wall. It was a very windy day on Spencer’s Green but that didn’t stop the boys in team sport from playing a little bit of Ultimate and football.

The morning swimming class braved the cold water truly showed resolve in improving their proficiency at swimming. Instructor Chris B. taught the basics for Freestyle stroke.

Eli G. “killed it” in Archery today with an impressive 45 out of 60! Way to go!

After morning activities, it was time for lunch! Today we ate stromboli (a camp favorite) along with some fresh vegetables and an ice cream sandwich to top it off. After the food was devoured (the mountain air makes us HUNGRY!), the cabin cleanup scores were announced. Little Piney Won with a perfect 10 today! Congrats LP!

After lunch the boys get a chance to relax during rest time, which is the best time! They either read their favorite book or take a short nap before free time. During Free Time today archery was open so that the guys could continue to work on bars. Free swim!  The boys took full advantage at free swim by getting on ‘the blob’, the diving boards, canoeing, and kayaking,  You couldn’t ask for a better day for a free swim ~ the weather was absolutely perfect!

After free time the boys started afternoon activities. Backpacking was led by instructor Charlie R., who led them on a nature hike and showed them the different types of vegetation and trees that surround our beautiful camp.

Outside camp property, we had a group of guys paddle section nine of the French Broad with Black Mountain Expedition. Seth H. of Greybeard pushed his limits today and did a phenomenal job!  There was also a climbing trip that went out to Snakes Den. Daniel Y.  “crushed it “out on the rocks today with an impressive climb up a 5.9  route.

Enrique D. and Vikesh S.  did a great job in canoeing.  We have a couple of future Lewis and Clark types on the river!  Tim M. showed a lot of enthusiasm for his rocketry class.  He is well on his way to be a future astronaut. Malcolm R. showed off his dribbling skills in soccer today. What a great group of guys!

After our afternoon activities it was time for another delicious dinner chicken stir- fry along with a side of rice to quell their hunger.  A yummy slice of cake finished off the meal.

After supper,  our program director Matt H. got the boys pumped up for the evening activities, El Presidente! It’s one of Timberlake’s newest evening activities; a really fast paced game which both the Seminoles and Iroquois fighting hard for their tribes to move one step closer to winning the banner and bragging rights.

This was without a doubt one of the prettiest days at camp.  There is never a dull moment as the boys yearn for adventure and something new each day. Until next time…


Timmy Stiling

Greybeard Counselor

Iroquois Nation