IMG_3589smWhat’s great about going away to summer camp is experiencing something new and unknown. For Florida children who want to enjoy new surroundings, new people and a wide variety of fun activities and learning, Camp Timberlake has so much to offer. Here’s a few examples of summer camp fun for Florida Children offered at Camp Timberlake:

Being in Nature- Nowadays so many children limit their time to explore or enjoy the outdoors. At Camp Timberlake summer camp, boys have a chance to have fun while they become more aware of the world around them. Florida campers can spend the majority of their time outside in nature away from the heat from back home. Camp Timberlake summer camp offers different activities like swimming, archery, campfires, fencing, backpacking, rock climbing, water skiing, paintball, mountain biking, etc. to promote appreciation for the outdoors and nature.

Learning to Make Friends- At summer camp, children can learn to communicate more effectively through shared experiences. Campers participate in group activities, team sports and share bunks. Instead of staying home with the same friends, children who spend the summer at camp have many opportunities to meet new people and build unique bonds. At Camp Timberlake, campers can rediscover who they are and what they like with a fresh outlook, and branch out of their usual social groups.

Trying New Things- With so many activities and opportunities here at Camp Timberlake, campers can try something new that may be completely different than anything they’ve ever tried or thought of trying before.

Diversity and Camp Traditions- Because there are so many children and personality types that attend Camp Timberlake, who all come from far and wide, your Florida son can learn to appreciate diversity and how to be more accepting and supportive of others. We have camp traditions and practices designed to encourage group participation and encourage unity among our campers. Our traditions and practices promote equality, respect, self-confidence, trust, loyalty, responsibility and cooperation and create a sense of pride among campers.

Every summer there are new opportunities to learn and have fun at Camp Timberlake. Your son can enjoy coming to our summer camp to take a break from the Florida heat, and participate in exciting activities, make new friends, and discover more about himself, the world around him, and his Christian faith. Call Camp Timberlake at (828) 669-8766 and schedule a visit or get more information about our summer camp.