IMG_1089smAs the school year comes to an end and the drop off date for sleepaway camp in North Carolina gets closer, many kids begin to feel anxious about leaving home. Whether its their first summer at camp or fifth, here are a few tips to ease the anxiety that may come along with sleepaway camp.

  1. Make sure to involve your son in the process of selecting a summer camp in North Carolina. When they get to choose the camp, they know what to expect and will likely feel more positive and excited about going away.
  2. Don’t ask questions that may make your son feel anxious or scared about camp. Instead of asking “Are you afraid to go canoeing?” ask, “So how do you feel about going canoeing at sleepaway camp?” These questions will still allow him to express how he feels without giving him the impression that he should be afraid of something.
  3. Reassurance won’t help your child feel better. “You’re going to have a great time, don’t worry about it!” Phrases like this aren’t the right path, instead listen to your son’s feelings and concerns and try to give him positive tips to deal with them.
  4. Practice being away from home before your child actually goes away to camp. Schedule a weekend sleepover at a family member or friend’s house so your son  is able to experience what its like to spend a couple of nights away from home.
  5. Don’t linger around on drop off day at our boys summer camp in North Carolina, try to make your goodbyes as short as possible. The longer you stay, the harder it will be for your son to accept that you are leaving.
  6. Remind your son that if necessary he can get in contact with you as soon as possible. Most camps allow campers to make phone calls home when necessary especially if you explain the situation to the camp’s director or staff.
  7. Create a schedule for when your son or daughter will receive letters or emails at christian sleepaway camp from home. When your son is expecting something from home, it gives him something to look forward to and to be excited about.
  8. Don’t let your child see how anxious or scared you are about them going away. If they sense your negative feelings, they will likely pick up on them.
  9. If your child suffers from anxiety or any other conditions, make sure to let the camp staff know. There are likely to be services or support at sleepaway camp to help your son or daughter get through the summer and have an amazing summer at sleepaway camp.

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