learning-about-their-tribeAs the school year begins to wind down and kids are getting ready to start their summer, what will your child be doing this summer? Summer camp offers benefits that will last a lifetime. Not to mention all of the amazing memories that your son will make at Camp Timberlake. Here are some reasons why to choose summer camp near Virginia for your son this summer:

  • Safe & Supportive Community- Summer camp allows your son to be himself and participate in the activities that he is comfortable doing. He will be surrounded by people that have similar goals and interests thus creating a supportive and safe community for him to grow and learn.
  • Builds Confidence & Independence- By attending summer camp, your son will gain confidence. Summer camp offers various activities and programs for your son to participate in and to become better at. Not to mention he will be spending his summer without his parents and life at home, allowing him to become more independent than he would spending his summer at home.
  • Learn New Skills & Lessons Every Day- Explore the programs offered at summer camp and see all of the choices you and your son have. Nothing is better than the skills he will learn and hopefully use when he leaves camp. Every day is a new lesson that will stay with him for the rest of his life.
  • Make New Friends- The number one reason kids look forward to summer camp is to see old friends and make new ones. It’s almost impossible to not make lifelong friends at summer camp. In fact, most campers meet some of their best friends during the first week of summer camp and continue to remain best friends for the summers to follow. They will make memories together and explore everything summer camp has to offer.
  • Explore The Outdoors- Very often, kids will sit at home all summer playing video games and sitting on their computer rather than connecting with nature. At summer camp, we disconnect kids from electronics and reconnect them with the great outdoors.

To find out more about Camp Timberlake for boys in North Carolina, please contact us at (828) 669-8766.