Today was another GLORIOUS day at Camp Timberlake! No rain meant for plenty of fun out in the sun! The men of Timberlake began the day with delicious helping of biscuits and gravy that would rival any mother’s home cookin’.  At Chapel, Counselor Joe B. continued to answer the question “Who is Man?” and man’s relationship with God. After a good scrubbing of the cabin area, we headed to our first period activities. In swimming, Colby S. did a fantastic job on improving his freestyle kick and stroke and is shaping up to look like he is ready for the Olympics! Also on the waterfront, Ben B. got his roll back on the lake in Kayaking, and in Canoeing we saw a lot of improvement from some returning campers and some new ones like Brent S. who did great on his first day! Kayaking also took a trip out to Lower Green and James B. successfully hit every roll he attempted on the river. In Wrestling the boys worked on a double leg takedown stance and hand fighting. Roy M. assisted in teaching the other boys and really helped Michael A. and Colby S. have a great day! At lunch we all chowed down on one of my personal favorite meals, chicken patties and mac n’ cheese, with a full helping of s’more pockets afterwards! At the end of lunch it was revealed that the Iroquois were victorious in the lower cabin’s game of capture the flag, and the Seminole’s won in the upper cabin’s game of Wonderball!  After rest time, everyone sprinted down the hill for some Tray-Po and got their energy back with a little sugar. Keiffer M. was a dominant force in the thunderball ring during this time and was almost impossible to get out! In the afternoon at Team Sports, Janek S. caught some amazing frisbee throws during ultimate frisbee where the guys learned forehand and backhand throws. In climbing, Mateo J. and Will C. crushed it on the bouldering wall during 4th period climbing. In paintball and airsoft, the guys learned the benefits of playing aggressively against their target and showed great discipline and courage. Last but certainly not least in 4th period tennis, Will A. excelled on the court making great strides in his game. Before dinner we took a group camp photo and then ran in for a good helping of spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli and carrots. After dinner, all the men of Timberlake ran back up to their cabin’s and grabbed their tribe jersey’s and got ready to get sneaky for the evening activity, Ninja Training! Overall it was a successful second day of activities, fun and adventure at camp, and we can’t wait until we get to do it all over again tomorrow!



Max Hartman

Tomahawk Counselor