Sunday is FUN DAY

Sunday’s are a special day here at Camp Timberlake. Just as God rested on the seventh day so did we! The day started off with an extra hour of sleep followed by delicious breakfast of warm cinnamon rolls. After a rousing morning yell, we went to chapel. Today in chapel, a counselor from each cabin prayed for the requests of his cabin and camp as a whole. Once we sang the camp hymn, it was off to cabin cleaning and then Sunday activities.

Rather than following the daily schedule of classes, the boys spent the remainder of the day in various team-building activities, events, or a trip. A group of campers left early in the morning on a climbing and repelling trip. For some this was there first time to repel! In the frog catching competition, only one frog was caught, but I’m sure as the summer continues, the campers will shake off the rust and start catching a lot of frogs. Fly-fishing in Lake Dorris was extremely successful with Jesse C. catching a shell cracker and Charlie M. catching a 2 lb. bass. Over on the beach, campers were busy building castles, animals, and a large smiley face. The team of brothers, Carter and Garrett S., won the competition with a detailed alligator named Sonny.

Further upstream, campers teamed up to compete in the weekly dam building competition. Each dam was ranked on function, appearance, and wow factor – whatever the judges thought was extremely cool about the dams. Although the competition was tight with some dams having up to 7 different chambers, ultimately the team of Greybearders won. In this competition, previous experience definitely paid off. One of the most popular activities of the day was Sunday at the Masters frisbee golf tournament. Pairs of campers and counselors competed on Timberlake’s disc golf course for the ultimate prize: the green jacket. The Masters ended with Spencer G. and Henry T. winning the green jacket and Masters glory for the week.

After working hard at various activities, we all demolished a fried chicken lunch. With plates piled up with bones, we joyously headed to the best hour…REST HOUR! Once again energized and ready for the afternoon, Lake Dorris was full of campers paddle boarding, diving, and jumping on the blob. Jack B. continues to be one of the best blobbers at camp! For those not at the lake, an exciting volleyball tournament was taking place. Though we did not finish the tournament, Henry B. showed great skills for his team.

The other major events of the day were ultimate frisbee, wonderball, and tribal soccer. During ultimate frisbee, Ben B. dominated the competition to lead his team. While playing Timberlake’s own sport of wonderball, a heavy rain shower came and stopped the action, allowing everyone, including myself, to take a break. After the rain stopped, we enjoyed a cookout of hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon. Though it continued to drizzle throughout dinner, the rain finally cleared up for an intense match of tribal soccer.  When the game was over, all the boys were exhausted from a thrilling day here at Timberlake.

Overall it was a great Sunday at camp full of fun, friendship, and adventure.

Both action packed and restful, the campers are excited to started week 2 here at Timberlake!


In Christ,

Andrew Peace

Stomper’s Knob Counselor

Waterski Instructor