2064d970-4a78-4b82-85c4-dd2388e51fcaWe are already in week two at Camp Timberlake! We are so excited that summer camp has finally started and can’t to have the best summer ever! While kids are away at camp, many parents wonder what their kids are doing and what their tuition money is going towards. Here at Camp Timberlake, we would like to give you a breakdown of where your tuition is going and the main reasons behind the price of summer camp near South Carolina.

There are three main factors behind the price of summer camp, and those are the facilities, activities offered, and staff. The best way for children to stay active and having fun this summer is by attending summer camp. At Camp Timberlake, we offer a ton of different summer camp activities that give boys an opportunity to try something new or practice an old favorite. Boys can choose what they want to do on a typical day at summer camp and are constantly kept busy. So how does this contribute to the price? All of the equipment, training, and facilities that keep these activities going. We provide almost all of the equipment for every activity offered and have a trained and experienced summer camp staff member teaching it. Our summer camp staff is the best around and strives to help campers reach their full potential. All of these activities and programs are held on our campgrounds and in our summer camp facilities. Our summer camp facilities are constantly being updated and maintained to keep them in the best condition possible for our campers. We have staff monitoring and keeping up with the facilities to make sure they are always ready and being kept in the cleanest and safest state. All of this costs a lot of money to run and to keep safe for your children to have the best summer of their life! Just remember, the tuition that you’re paying goes back in to the summer camp to make it better (if that’s even possible)!

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