Today was a good day to be a Timberlake camper.  The sky was blue and there was not a cloud in the horizon.  The bugle woke the campers at 7 am sharp to walk down to breakfast at 7:30.  To the delight of the campers the kitchen prepared a breakfast version of pizza.  This pizza was comprised of eggs bacon cheese and other tasty ingredients.  After breakfast the boys left the dining hall to go outside the morning yell.  For those who have not heard of the morning yell occurs every morning after breakfast.  The yell is usually lead by Charley R., who gives an inspiring speech about how Timberlake must yell loud so that the camp is reminded of Timberlake’s presence.  Right after the yell the boys were ushered up to the chapel to sing three worship songs, the camp hymn and hear a message from Brandon C.  Brandon C. spoke on how you do not have to do good works for Christ’s love, but instead it is given as a free gift.

After Chapel the boys headed up to their cabins to do cabin clean up until the start of first period at 9:30.  The campers were in their first two periods at 9:30 till 11:30.  During this time in wrestling Jack E. helped instruct on half nelsons, breakdowns and top bottom referees position.  After some instruction in wrestling the boys played toe tag.  In the end Roy Matthews was toe tag champ.  Also Alex J. got out Danny, the instructor in tiger tail. During first period Mountain Biking learned how to change a flat tire.  After the lesson the class grabbed three pump track bikes and went up to camps new pump track and berm.  Jack B. did very well on the berm and by the end of class was able to pump through the rollers without pedaling and take the berm with ease.

After 1st and 2nd periods the campers headed over to the dinning hall to have waffle fries and meatball subs.  When the campers had finished eating the tables were cleared, the winner of the evening activity and cabin clean up was announced.  Soon after the commotion had died down the campers were sent up to the cabins for rest time.

At 1:00 the campers rushed down to free time where they could go to trading post and get their favorite drink and candy.  During free time Mountain Biking opened up the berm and pump track for anyone who wanted to ride.  During this time Jack and Colby rode hard and became more confident mountain bikers. Also during free time Henry B. achieved portions of their bronze and silver requirements.  Andrew T. also made some large strides and became a better swimmer.  At 2:30-4:30 the boys went to 3rd and 4th periods.  During these periods Henry M. embarrassed his soccer instructor and Brendan Duffy scored some goals.

After 3rd and 4th period ended the boys headed down to dinner where they were served burritos and found out the evening activity was El Presidente.


Joe Boyd