Reveille sounded this morning to begin another action packed day at Camp Timberlake. While the rest of the world went about their business, campers rose to new heights as they earned bars, overcame obstacles, and grew stronger in the Lord. Campers ate hearty breakfast sandwiches before chapel, which was delivered by Jacob N. Campers explored the topic of “Who is man” before going to clean cabins. Following cabin cleanup, campers were off to the first period of activities.

Mountain biking participants geared up and climbed the trails to the “pump track”, after which several bikers attempted the challenging ride back down to the Mark. In pottery, campers glazed their projects, which are now ready to be fired. Rocketry student Henry T. finished his level three rocket, and prepared it for launch. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prohibited the launch of the rockets, which has been postponed for tomorrow. Team sports and soccer braved the intense heat and joined forces for a number of competitive games of Wonderball. Highlights included a fantastic goal by George S., playmaking by Richard B, and some incredible defense by Matthew C. Additionally, Colby S., earned his bronze in Team Sports. Mason G., Colby S., Cole H., Caleb F., Henry B., and Billy B. all earned bronze in kayaking. Campers rose to new heights on the climbing walls as James B. and Jacob A., both showed excellent belaying skills, and Andrew W., earned his bronze. On the wrestling mats, guys learned how to defend the half nelson, and Roy M. and Colby S. made progress on more difficult moves. Over on the tennis courts, Eli C. and Hugh S. earned their bronze bars. A lucky few were able to escape the heat for swimming practice in the refreshing Lake Doris, where Henry B. and Tyler M. both improved their backstroke.

During free time, many activities opened up for campers to attempt earning bars. Buck W. hosted a climbing competition in which Scott K., Henry M., and Jack E. earned prizes. After dinner, tribes competed in a rousing game of juggernaut before each cabin returned to their respective post evening activities, which included sleeping under the stars, games of battle-ball and basketball, and other top secret adventures.

Before bed, campers revisited Jacob’s chapel topic from the morning in their devotion time. They explored how God protects and is faithful to them. After councilors said a prayer over the boys, heavy eyelids fell with the setting sun as campers began to dream about all the amazing experiences they will continue to have in the days to come.

Christ’s servant,

Daniel Patton

Big Piney Counselor

Team Sports Instructor