With the sound of Reveille this morning, the Timberlake boys woke up for another full day in Black Mountain. A cool mist covered camp until breakfast.  It was refreshing, considering how hot this week has been.  After breakfast, Brandon C. threw us a curveball and announced that today’s activities were going out the window, and Tribe-A-Palooza would be taking place! The proud Seminoles and the mighty Iroquois would be contending in tribal competitions all day! Before the games commenced, Charlie Richards led us in chapel as we answered the question, “What does He require?” Shortly after, the cabins were cleaned and the boys were off to the first event of the day—Sock War.
Socks filled the skies as the Iroquois and Seminoles battled it out in hard fought competition until lunch. After lunch, we recharged in rest HOUR, enjoying thirty extra minutes to prepare for Aquafest—where the competition would move to the pristine waters of Lake Dorris.
We got Aquafest rolling with a tribal relay race consisting of canoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming. The Belt brothers dominated the paddle-boarding portion as James and Jack led the Seminoles to victory. Post relay race events included a big splash contest, a belly flop contest, and a game of inner tube water polo! Erik Z. and Kenneth H. performed valiantly for their tribes in the big splash contest, and Jack W. took the crown for a truly fearless, and impressive belly flop! Griffin P. scored three goals during inner tube water polo, but the game was stopped due to lightning, and Tribe-A-Palooza ended a tad early for free time.
Lots of guys used free time to earn bars in their respective activities! Cole H. got his bronze in rocketry, while Henry T. worked towards his silver in climbing. On the tennis courts, Henry B. and Griffin P. got their bronze bars, Drew W. and Jack B. got their silver, and Jesse C. and Tyler M. got their gold!
Outside of camp, Seth B. and Grant C. showed of their skills on a water-skiing trip to Lake James.
Overall, it was an action packed day at camp—now its time to unwind and enjoy time with our cabins during post evening activities. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do it all again with the Timberlake family!

In Christ,

Ashton Clark

Little Slaty counselor

Climbing instructor