The Last day of 1-A… It was an extremely busy and entertaining day!The boys woke up this morning to the sound of Reveille and soon after, the action began. We began the day with a rousing morning yell lead by the sultan of fun, Brandon C. Afterwards, speaking on the topic of ‘who God is’, Evan S. lead us in Chapel and read Hebrews 12:1-2, 7-9 while he told us about the worst week of His life and The Lord’s redemptive purposes for it. It came down to God is our Father and is there with us even in our suffering.

Once the cabins were cleaned, activities began! Pottery finished up their pinch pots and created some awesome designs! Henry T. and Spencer G. earned their gold bars in rocketry, soccer handed out two hard earned bronzes to Brendan D. and Drew W., and Fencing worked on bronze with Thomas B., Wilson J., Jackson N., Michael R., and George S.. All of them successfully earned it! Free time held a myriad of activities for anyone trying to work on bars or just have fun– Archery was opened and many bronzes were received by: Tyler M., Eli C., Griffin P., Charlie M., Grant C., and Brendan D.. Also, a fencing tournament was held by Ethan B. and Cooper D. as they earned their golds in the activity. Other activities opened to those looking to have fun such as swimming to enjoy the warmer weather and climbing.

Off camp, Kayaking went on an exciting trip to the Tuckaseegee River and took James B., Trey F., Quinn M., Henry M., Jack E., and Calvin T. and they excelled at technical kayaking skills such as: surfing, peel outs, and ferrying.

After supper, the boys went to Little Chief where awards for leadership and bars are recognized. Chiefs and Med-Men painted up to show support as not just  tribal leaders, but camp leaders with fierce loyalty. This segwayed into Commando! An all time favorite at Camp. The Tribes line up on either side of Spencer’s Green and bombard each other with water balloons, extra points were awarded to those able to shoot a water balloon out of a giant slingshot and hit archery targets positioned on the hill. Post evening activities were enjoyed and tehn the boys headed to bed. Devotions related back to the Chapel talk this morning and about Who God is, and what He does for us.

Another exceptional day at camp! Another exceptional two weeks!The boys grew tremendous amounts over the course of just two weeks. Many boys are sad to leave and we can not wait to have them back!


In Christ,

Austin Snively


Tomahawk Counselor

Archery/ Fly Fishing Instructor