The sun rose over the magical land of Camp Timberlake this morning to the sound of the breakfast bell and the smell of buttery homemade biscuits. After a passionate morning yell was delivered by Counselor Charlie, he brought the word at chapel where he told his exhilarating story about how Jesus eats or proverbial hamburger (you had to be there). Following a heartfelt effort on cabin cleanup, Greybeard, our eldest cabin, took the crown on day one with a 9.9 score overall!

The first day of activities were filled with safety rules, bar requirements, and expectations for each class. In climbing class, the boys had the task of taking on the Upper Tower up on Spencer’s green at the top of camp. They were instructed on movement, technique, and then utilized their newly-learned skills on the tower where all the guys crushed it on their first climb of the session. Swimming class started out strong with lessons on flutter kicks to start the class and then began their lessons on freestyle. Counselor Max is eerily similar to Michael Phelps out there so there are bound to be Olympians come out of his classes.

Why did the deer cross the lake? We don’t really know, but it happened today on the water skiing trip at Lake James. There was a deer taking a dip and a swim across the whole lake for reasons that no one can neither confirm nor deny. There was a kayaking trip out today on the Nantahala with campers: Trey F, Ben B, Harrison C, Henry M, James B, and Jack E. The word on the river was that these dudes absolutely killed it out on the rapids.

Finally hopping back on dry land, Counselor Danny raved about his activity and how well it went on its first day. Danny spoke to his class about the history and beauty of his beloved sport. He mentioned to his campers that wrestling is by far the best sport and backed his opinions up with a little insight from the Holy Book. Danny discussed how wrestling was mentioned at some length in the Bible. This may or may not still be up for debate among the theologians around the world. After their history lesson, wrestling got a bit more physical up at the Mark on Spencer’s green, the highest peak and one of the prettiest views in all of camp. The campers worked on acrobatic moves such as handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, and more essential movements to the sport of wrestling. Bryce B and Michael A were standouts today showing a real enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Mountain biking had success stories of its own today as well. James B and Nick B showed great downhill positioning and shifting during class time with Counselor Joe. They both showed tremendous leadership with their skills and their attitudes.

The kitchen staff brought the taste today. For lunch was turkey club wraps that any outsider would have thought came straight from Panera Bread. Following the wraps were a dessert favorite in sugar cookies with a little Kiss on top (Hershey’s). After a much needed rest time, trading post boosted the moral and free time was a blast. The new Spike Ball nets are in and they were taken full advantage of. Nick B partnered with a few different counselors and never lost a game until the crown was removed right before the dinner bell rang. A great foreshadowing of what will come on this upcoming Spike Ball Sunday.

So it’s another day in the books here at Camp Timberlake in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The mystic was as lovely as usual and His truth continued its march onward.


Will Hixson