Campers awoke this morning to the sound of Reveille slicing through the crisp mountain air.  The day started off with a hearty breakfast of sausage and egg pizza.  After the campers had their fill they made their way outside for the morning yell led by counselor/camp veteran, Carter B.  After warming up the pipes it was up to chapel for worship.  Campers enjoyed some classic camp songs led by Davis B.  Once singing had commenced the campers had the privilege to hear a wonderful talk of Raccoons and the grace of God from Timberlake’s very own Dan S.

Campers then made their way to their various cabins for a much-needed time of cabin cleanup.  Campers would have to wait until lunch to find out which cabin had acquired the title, “cleanest cabin” of the day.  Following clean up was first and second period.  Campers enjoyed various activities, ranging from pottery to paintball.  Meanwhile, multiple trips had departed from camp for some fun adventures.  Hunter S. found success on the fly-fishing trip by managing to reel in a 2.5-pound bass!  Meanwhile, on the water skiing trip, Graham R. was in the groove when he conquered the art of slalom skiing.  A difficult task to accomplish in skiing.

Following first and second period was lunch.  The boys enjoyed a lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches and sweet potato fries.  After finishing their ice cream, campers headed up to their cabins for the best time!  Rest time!  A time of relaxing and rejuvenating for both campers and their counselors.  Soon afterwards it was time for trading post.  Everyone raced down from their cabins to get the first spot in line.  The boys enjoyed their sweets and relaxed as they coasted into free time.  Full of tether ball and spike ball.  Spike ball has been taking camp by storm the past few days.  Nick B. put on an exceptional performance rivaling that of the best players on camp.

Free time commenced and the guys headed to their third and fourth period activities.  Campers once again enjoyed a wide variety of activities including mountain biking and wrestling.  In archery, Jake P. was working hard on his bronze bar and even managed to hit a bull’s-eye!  Up on Spencer’s green Grant M. had a brilliant performance in team sports.  Once afternoon periods came to an end, the campers headed down to Tucker Inn for some much needed dinner.  The guys enjoyed a meal of turkey, dressing, peas and dinner rolls. Dessert was a delicious serving of peach cobbler.

After dinner, everyone was excited to find out what the evening activity would be.  The big announcement commenced and the game of the evening would be Ninja Training!  Everyone rushed to the cabins to get their tribe jerseys on and prepare for an epic competition between the two tribes.  Good sportsmanship was shown by all and so ended another brilliant evening activity.  Up next was cabin time.  A good time to make friends and build relationships within the cabins.  Some enjoyed smores and camping, while others had an exciting time free swimming and playing laser tag.

So after a long day full of friends and adventure, the campers made their way back to their cabins to hit the showers and call it a night. And so commenced another successful day at Camp Timberlake with more fun and excitement just around the corner.


Counselor Winston Horn