Day Joe Boy-Cow Happy

It was a great day at Timberlake, as today was one of the favorite days of the summer, Cowboy Joe Day. On Cowboy Joe Day, Timberlake does everything backwards, from the clothes worn to the people teaching the classes.

The campers woke up an hour late to nut‐dos and cow juice in bed, and after they had finished chowing down on breakfast, everybody moved into Cabin Cleanup. After Timberlake had finished cleaning the cabins, campers and staff moved to Ball‐Battle, and everybody was excited for a tribal activity in the morning. One of the games even ended in a one‐on‐one matchup with Graham R. beating Khari D. for a Seminole victory.

After the morning tribal contest, campers transitioned to their morning activities, which had a little twist. Today, in the backwards spirit of Cowboy Joe Day, Greybearders, campers in the oldest cabin, would be teaching the activities. Up at Wrestling, Jack E. and Henry S. taught and Thomas P. excelled at takedowns. In Paintball, taught by Andrew H., Leo R. dominated multiple games and in Swimming, led by Ben B. and Grant H., campers learned the technique for freestyle, and Jimbo D. ended up looking like a fish.

Once the morning’s activities had ended, campers and staff went down to lunch for a universal favorite, Tacos in a Bag. The dining hall seemed extra lively that day as everybody munched on another favorite meal.

Rest hour followed lunch and after everybody took a much‐needed nap, it was time for free time. In Rocketry, Jack B. worked on his Level 3 rocket and moved one step closer to his gold bar, while at the volleyball pit, Danny N. led some intense Spikeball matchups.

After free time came the afternoon activities, and campers were eager to get out and try their hand at some new things. Up on Spencer’s Green, Will A. led soccer and Callum B. showed off his skills. At the lake, Quinn M. taught kayaking and Geoffrey M. worked on his t‐rescues on the fire dock. In climbing, Tyler K. and Henry M. taught the class the figure 8 follow through knot, while in Archery, Spencer G. showed off his natural abilities.

Soon came dinner, and with it, a special surprise. A pig had been smoking since the previous night, and everybody was excited to chow down on their third great meal of the day. Timberlake convened on Mackey’s Green for the meal, and the whole camp was excited for this special tradition.

After dinner came the Mullet Games, which involved golf cart pulling, counselor skeet shooting, hubcap tosses, sunflower seed spitting, and intertube sumo wrasslin’. Mullet Games is a great way to cap off a special day at camp, and as always, it was a huge hit.

Later tonight, Timberlake will meet up at Spencer’s Green for a fireworks show put on by Dan, and everyone is incredible excited. It’s sure to be one of the first things your camper talks about on the drive home!

All in all, it was a great day at camp, and if each day is like this, this session is sure to be one of the best we’ve ever had.

Charlie Richards

Cabin Area Director

Proud Seminole

UGA Class of 2017