After an exciting Cowboy Joe Day yesterday that finished off with a grand firework show, we returned to our regular action packed schedule. The day started off with delicious breakfast of strawberry-banana french toast sticks and bacon. As always the kitchen staff knows how to feed a camp full of hungry boys. Following breakfast, the campers were truly awakened by another rousing morning yell. Today, Jacob delivered our chapel talk before the campers made their cabins squeaky clean.

Today in activity periods, campers soared to new heights and earned their bars. In rocketry, Will C. started working on his level 3 rocket. Once he puts the finishing touches on and gives the rocket a custom paint job, he will launch it and earn his gold bar. Billy B. continued to hone his skills in pottery by throwing on the wheel for the first time. He is well on his way to becoming an expert potter.

In the midst of the activities, campers enjoyed their daily free time. Along with drinks and candy from the Trading Post, the recent trend of playing spike ball for the entire free time continued with campers competing against each other and counselors. Spike ball is now one of Camp Timberlake’s most favorite free time activities.


Returning to classes, the archery range saw Callum B. and Calvin T. earn their bronze bars. Calvin T. finished off his bronze by shooting his 5th grouping. In order to be great climbers, climbing class worked hard today on learning the Figure 8 Follow Through and Double Fishermans’ Prusik Knot. Simon C. excelled at learning the Figure 8 Follow Through knot. Once the knots had been perfected, the class climbed on the traverse wall. Hudson L. rocked it on the traverse wall!

While everyone at camp enjoyed their activities, James B., Jack E., and Harrison C., crushed it on the kayaking trip to the Pigeon River. This is the largest kayaking trip we take here so that means these guys are expert paddlers.  After a day full of activities and a kayaking trip, we devoured a dinner of Asian food. Dinner gave us the energy required to compete hard in our tribal competitions. The older campers competed in our very own game of Wonderball while the younger campers competed in the classic game of capture the flag. After competing fiercely for their tribes, all of the campers were worn out and ready for a relaxing night.

As the sun set over Timberlake, another memorable day of camp was in the books. As always we are thankful for this day and excited for another day of growth through friends and adventure.

Go ‘Noles!

Andrew Peace

Stomper’s Knob Counselor

Waterski Instructor