As the men of Camp Timberlake woke up to start their day this morning, they were greeted with much appreciated cooler weather. For breakfast, we ate scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns and biscuits. With our appetite satisfied for the next few hours, we proceeded to our traditional morning yell and chapel. In chapel today, Max H. talked to the camp about “Who is Jesus?”  After chapel, a normal yet exciting day at camp took place. 10 Greybeard campers left after chapel for an overnight backpacking trip in Pisgah National Forest. In backpacking, the campers learned how to build a fire and Hudson S. roasted the perfect marshmallow for s’mores. In second period tennis, the campers worked on their serves and their backhands. Taylor C. demonstrated excellent form for the backhand.


After second period, Timberlakers rushed to the dining hall for lunch. The campers enjoyed chicken pita pockets and M&M cookies for dessert…yum! During free time, Will S. finished his level 2 rocket and began building his level 3 rocket for his gold requirement. Thomas I. and Callum B. killed it in fourth period soccer with their skill and their sportsmanship. Just a walk up the hill from soccer, Will S. was demonstrating excellent wrestling technique. Billy B. in pottery came one step closer to getting his bronze bar and Thompson B. made a very creative new pinch pot.


As the day’s activities winded down, the campers enjoyed a hearty helping of jambalaya with baked beans. Dinner was very filling and as everyone was busy eating their ice cream, the dining hall exploded with cheers and yells of excitement to hear that the evening activity was Little Chief AND El Presidente! Two activites for the price of one! Our Little Chief ceremony is held at the Council Ring and it is where we recognize the campers who have received commendations from their fellow campers and their counselors. It is also where we recognize campers who received bars in their activities, being promoted in the rankings and taking one step closer to Little Chief, the last promotion any camper can achieve.


Campers who received promotions tonight include:

Scout: Maxwell C., Zachary R., Wyatt S., Zachary S., James K.

Guide: John A., John C., Jimbo D., Britt F., Luca T.

Pioneer: Jack B. and Hudson S.

Tracker: Garrison B., Simon C., Taylor C., Rob C., Aidan K., Keegan K., Parker K., Geoffrey M., Graham R.

Hunter: Miles B., Nicholas B., Morris D., David F., Braxton S., Cameron W.

Warrior: Willem S.


As the sun begins to set over the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and another awesome day of camp comes to an end, our campers are exhausted but ready for the next day and the adventures it holds for them!


In Christ,

Carter Boone

Go ‘Noles

Stompers Knob Counselor

Team Sports Instructor

University of Alabama Class of 2019