The men of Timberlake awoke this morning excited about the day ahead of them, despite the unusually cold temperatures. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausages, everybody headed off to chapel for singing and a story from Danny N. After chapel and cabin clean up everybody went to their activities. In soccer, Wyatt S. looked like a midfield maestro as he controlled the game on offense and defense. Khari D. also impressed as he showed great dribbling and shooting skills. No surprise given his two goals and two assists during last night’s game of tribal soccer. Perhaps we’ll all see Wyatt and Khari leading the US to a victory in the 2030 World Cup Final. In Paintball, James B. got his silver after effectively refereeing for the entire class. This was another impressive day for James as he also won a 1v4 match earlier this week. In Airsoft, Gabe V. earned his bronze and showed amazing bravery and force as he eliminated four opposing players in a five second span. AJ R. showed that he had the potential to be the next “American Sniper” as he consistently made long range hits on his opponents. In Kayaking, James B. did a great job covering his goal in Kayak water polo as he blocked a superhuman amount of shots on goal during the game. Fun fact, 29% of the world is covered by land and the other 71% is covered by James. In wrestling, Ben B., Wyatt S., Simon C., Lucky O. and Garrison B. all got their bronzes which required that they were all able to fluidly perform a double leg takedown, sprawl, stance, and referee’s position.

For lunch, the men of Timberlake enjoyed a mouthwatering meal of Stromboli and vegetables along with the absolutely amazing cookies on a stick, which are obviously better than any cookies not on sticks. After eating it was announced that Little Piney had won cabin clean up inspections. I’m a Little Piney counselor, so this victory should have been good news for me, right? Well, the victory was bittersweet. We Little Piney counselors had made a deal with our campers that they could push us into the lake (clothes, shoes, and everything) for every time they win cabin clean up. After the best time (rest time), most people headed down for free time and trading post. Some people headed up for Day 2 of the intense and competitive Fencing Tournament which ends tomorrow. After free time, the afternoon activities were underway. In Tennis, Aidan K. crushed his forehand and backhand hitting while Miles B. also had a great day, earning his bronze. In Riflery, Harry B. shot very accurately as he took a step closer to making his bronze in the class.

As I write this article, Cabin Night is underway. Instead of doing a camp wide evening activity, every cabin has their own activity to do. This is a great time for each individual cabin to bond. The activities include laser tag, swimming, slip n’ sliding, s’more making, and storytelling. And as we get ready to wrap up the day, I can only hope that the rest of days here at Camp Timberlake are as good as this one was!


Little Piney Counselor Ian