Campers and counselors awoke to a cool morning at Camp Timberlake. After a great breakfast of egg, sausage, and cheese biscuits we headed to chapel where Dylan S. lead the famous camp song: The Banana Song. The Camp Hymn could be heard throughout the entire camp as campers young and old sang proudly of the place they love so much. Chapel concluded with Dan S. telling a story of parasailing in Mexico and reading a passage from the book of Joshua.

Immediately following cabin clean up, campers headed off to their first two activities of the day. It was a big day on the waterfront today as Witt S. got his silver bar in swimming while Henry B. and Owen S. got their bronze bars in kayaking. Earning his sliver bar in kayaking was Ben B. Showing their advanced skills in kayaking, Quinn M., Jack E., and James B. earned the prestigious gold bar. Some campers had the opportunity to strengthen their paddling skills on the Tuckaseegee River in Sylva, North Carolina today. Cameron S., James B., Harrison C., and Ben B. were all attendees on this full day kayaking trip. Counselor Austin S. lead a fly fishing trip with a handful of campers to the Davidson River where they caught a ridiculous eight fish! Brothers Nick B. and Parker B. had a great time learning the ins and outs of fly fishing.

The best part of the day came at lunch time when the kitchen prepared an all time camp favorite, Tacos in a Bag. For dessert, we were served some amazing rice crispy treats that tied the whole meal together. After lunch, we all headed back up to the cabins for a much needed rest time in which we were given the opportunity to reflect on the first part of the day and savor the incredible lunch we had just been served. After the 30 minute rest time, free time began and Will A. put on a clinic at the tetherball courts.

As 2:30 rolled around and 3rd period began, Haze M. went for his silver bar in tennis—which is no easy feat. He hit a beautiful forehand to the back left corner of the court to seal the deal and he was awarded a much deserved silver bar. Moving on to 4th period at Spencer’s Green, the soccer class and team sports class combined to play Wonderball. Henry B. scored a great goal using his head to take the lead for his team. After a great Italian dinner of ravioli and garlic bread, counselor Carter B. announced tonight’s evening activity: GREAT ESCAPE!!! A game in which the campers run around camp searching for clues that will ultimately lead them to a flag hidden somewhere on camp property.

After our evening activity, we headed to our respective cabins to shower and spend time hanging out with our fellow cabin mates and counselors; enjoying the little amount of time we have left with each other. Before bed, a short devo brings the whole day into perspective and we are all so thankful for this place we get to call home for a couple weeks each summer. It is truly a place for growth through friends and adventure and that growth is ever so apparent in each and every camper on a daily basis.


Peter Dade

Proud Seminole