It was a beautiful morning at camp, and as the sun broke over the leafy foliage of these North Carolina mountains, two great indian tribes, the Seminoles and the Iroquois, were ready to conquer another day at Timberlake. However, this day would not be like the others, as the two tribes would soon battle it out in Tribe-A-Palooza, a day filled with nothing but evening activities. No one knew of this glorious day before this day, but as soon as Program Director Brandon C. donned the ceremonial helmet at breakfast, every camper and counselor knew what would await them.
The dining hall roared as everyone grew excited at the realization of what today would hold, and as soon as the activity, Sock War, was announced, all the pent up energy in the room released at once.
After the announcement came the morning yell, and then came chapel, where CIT Director Davis B. talked about how afraid we are in the world, but also how God is there for us when we do feel that fear. Then came cabin cleanup, and each cabin cleaned with a fervent passion, as first place in the race for the Golden Plunger, and with it a pizza party, was up for grabs.
As soon as cabin cleanup ended, Timberlake made its way down to the Enchanted Barn for Sock War, one of the most revered games at camp. In Sock War, the Seminole and Iroquois compete to bring the flag back to their side, similar to Capture the Flag, but must avoid being hit by a sock and being taken to jail. Once in jail, they can only re-enter play through a jail break, which could come in a few seconds or a couple minutes.


Sock War began, and the two tribes set out in what would be a competition to remember. Iroquois Medicine Man Will A. led several raids for the flag, but unfortunately, all of them were thwarted by Jack B., Henry B. and the rest of the Seminole defense, which may well have been the ‘85 Chicago Bears. Just like that Bears team proved, defense wins championships, and thanks to that stringent back line, the Seminoles were able to walk away from Sock War with clear eyes, full hearts, and a victory for their tribe.
Next came lunch, and everyone was eager to rehydrate and refuel for the afternoon’s activities. The meal was a favorite, mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese, and the dining hall was nearly silent as the hungry campers chowed down on their meals.


After lunch, it was off to the best hour, rest hour! There were screams of joy from the counselors and campers as they all realized there would be an extra 30 minutes of rest on this most tiring day of Tribe-A-Palooza. After everyone had taken their power nap, it was off to yet another favorite part of the day, trading post. Really, what’s not to love about trading post?? Campers all run down as fast as they can, grab some candy, and get to share it with their friends, new and old. It is such a fun time for the staff to truly invest in the lives of their campers and this unstructured time often turns into some of the best camp memories.


After trading post, campers flocked to several different activities in a quest to earn bronze, silver, and gold bars. Each bar represents a different skill that has been mastered in one of camp’s incredible activities. Spencer G., Leo R., and several others took to the basketball courts, and passed, shot, and dribbled their way to their team sports bars. Over at the rocketry hut, Roy M., Jack B., and several other brave rocketeers moved one step closer to liftoff of their rockets. Mason B. also crushed it at the enchanted barn working on his pottery.


Once free time was over, it was time to resume tribal activities! Stealing skins was the activity this time, the only activity at camp that pits the Seminoles, versus the Iroquois, versus the staff! Despite being vastly outnumbered, the staff clearly dominated the competition on our way to glory!!!! (Ok, I’m biased, and I’m pretty sure we lost….)  Gabe V., Hudson S., Parker B., and Nick B. all stood out as impact players during this tiring, and super intense game.
Once stealing skins came to a close, dinner awaited our hungry campers who were leaving it all out on the field. Everyone was treated to a great meal of chicken tenders, while the older campers were lucky enough to chow down on some turkey legs that were being prepared for the boys just getting back to camp, after the once in a lifetime Summit Trip.
As dinner wound to a close, everyone was eagerly anticipating the announcement of the final activity of the day. After Counselor Thomas C said “Annnnnd Now.” Brandon  went to grab the customary red helmet, but Brandon had a trick up his sleeve. In an unprecedented move, he threw the helmet aside, ran to the program office and put on a pirate hat. After he made his re-entrance to the dining hall, Pirate Music started blaring as he ran around like a true Scallywag. He ultimately screamed “PIRATEBALL!!!!!!!!!!” and a new game was born. Pirate Ball is truly something that has to be seen to be believed, and you should ask your son about it when you pick him up, because it was an instant classic game.

After the game, the lower cabins got ready for bed, while the older kids set out around camp to enjoy some s’mores that capped off yet another unbelievable day here in this incredible place. We look forward to seeing all of you super soon for closing ceremonies!


Charlie Richards
UGA Class of 2017
Proud Seminole
Guest Tennis Instructor
Cabin Area Director
Article Co-Master