As reveille sounded through the cool mountain air this morning, campers awoke and headed to breakfast. A delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon was enjoyed by everyone.  Soon after breakfast, the guys headed to chapel for a time of worship.  Some camp classics were enjoyed during the time of worship.  Campers then listened as Adam Boyd read from the Bible and gave the first talk of the session.

Then it was off to cabin clean up.  Campers clean their cabins to a very high standard, and compete for the ultimate prize… The pizza party! An early lead was grasped by Tomahawk as they swept their way to a perfect 10!  Once cleaning had commenced, campers headed to their first and second period activities.  It was a busy day at camp with many campers shining in their various activities.  In team sports, the session started off with learning some basic football skills like throwing and catching.  Down in the Enchanted Barn William L. and Mack W. started off pottery well with some excellent pinch pots. Another great part of camp are the incredible trips kids get to go on.  The trip of the day was mountain biking and Blake C. did excellent as he shredded the gnar gnar in a rock garden in Dupont.

After first and second period campers headed down to the Tucker Inn for a much needed lunch break.  A camp classic “taco in a bag” was on the menu for today and all the boys thoroughly enjoyed their meal.  After lunch it was off to the best time! Rest time!  Campers napped, wrote letters home, and enjoyed reading during this quiet time.  Once rest time was over, campers grabbed their trading post cards and headed down to free time.  Guys enjoyed tetherball, thunder ball or just hanging out.  No matter how spent, free time was a success for everyone.

Next on the schedule were third and fourth period activities. Once again, campers were doing very well in their various activities.  Scott R. had a fantastic hand roll in kayaking.  A very important skill to master when kayaking.  Over at the archery range Cooper M. showed great improvement.  Other activities like paintball, fencing and swimming were also enjoyed as the day continued.

After third and fourth period campers headed back to the Tucker Inn for dinner.  After finishing up their dessert of cake, campers anticipated the announcement of the evening activity.  Tonight the upper cabins would be playing a camp Timberlake original, Wonderball.  The lower cabins would be taking part in capture the flag.  Campers put on their tribe jerseys and gritted and grinded for their respective tribes.  They would have to wait until lunch tomorrow to find out who the winners were.  After the evening activities commenced, each cabin had special post evening activities to attend.  The guys enjoyed smores by the fire, free swim, and some even had the privilege to hear the one and only DJ Joey D drop some sick beats.

Bedtime soon approached and the campers headed back to the cabins to hit the showers and have their nightly devotions.  And so ended the first full day at camp.  Campers laid in bed with another day full of more fun and adventure just around the corner.


Winston Horn

Big Piney Counselor

Seminole Style