Today, a powerful yell cut through the quiet, cool morning of the North Carolina Mountains as the boys prepared for another day of growth through friends and adventure! Chapel began with a few songs which segwayed into a devotional given by our director, Dan Singletary addressing the topic of ‘who is man?’ Quickly following, the boys went to their cabins to participate in our daily cabin clean up competition.

Then began the real fun, boys had safety talks and began learning basics in their activities for their Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule: in climbing, everyone got a chance to climb at the Upper Tower, in mountain biking, J. Rostic successfully learned coinering, and in Team Sports, the boys learned basic routs, positions, and skills in football that culminated in a game of flag football at the end. Everyone became pirates in canoeing to practice basic maneuvering skills and enjoy a fun game at the same time, while Backpacking learned about the Leave No Trace principle and how it relates to campsite manner.

Lunch soon rolled around where the boys ate a delicious meal of chicken patty sandwiches and mac n’ cheese and learned who won cabin clean up and last nights evening activities of Wonder ball and Capture the Flag. In Cabin clean up, the youngest cabin, Tomahawk, won for the second day in a row with an 11 on a scale of 1-10 chanting: “keep choppin’!” Greybeard and Big Slaty were a close second and third place with a 9.99 and a 9.95. And the winner of last nights evening activities was… The Seminoles! Taking a quick lead in the relentless pursuit of the banner.

As free time descended upon camp, the campers descended upon Trading Post to receive their daily snack and drink combo. Thunder ball and free swim were the two most popular options for free time; however, Spike ball also had a large turnout where campers learned a new game from counselors.

Now through the heat of the day, afternoon activities could begin. In the afternoon archery class, Boone shot outstanding groups and William M. looked like a natural! In pottery, Jake L. made an awesome pot that will be fired soon.

After the boy’s fourth activity, our session picture was taken with all campers and staff. This lead straight into dinner—a fantastic meal of spaghetti and meatballs—where our ‘Sultan of Fun’ Brandon Chase announced that tonight’s evening activity would be ‘El Presidente’ –a camp favorite. After competing, each cabin went to their respective post-evening activities such as: camping out at the shelter, Greybeard-Tomahawk laser tag, and puppy camp! Soon afterwards, the boys were headed to bed as the sun set over a beautiful mountain range. The cool air drifting through their cabin as they fall asleep to the peaceful sound of the woods around them.


In Christ,

Austin Snively

Tomahawk Counselor