As session 3 of Camp Timberlake began, fresh faces woke up to the sound of reveille and ate a delicious breakfast of eggs and hash browns. After a wonderful chapel on the topic of Who is God?, the boys cleaned the cabins. With the conclusion of cabin cleanup, the activities of the day began. Most of the activities were filled with talks on how to be safe in the respective areas as well as fun games. In some activities such as canoeing and kayaking, the boys were able to learn about the activities such as parts of each boat. In canoeing, the boys also learned topics such as entering and exiting the boats as well as the three principles of canoeing which allow the boys the canoe in a knowledgeable manner. In climbing the boys were able to not only learn about the safety rules involved in climbing, but also the importance of being safe. After hearing stories of how safety tactics such as spotting when someone is climbing are important, the boys all were able to climb the traverse wall.

After the first two activities, the boys ate a tasty lunch of turkey wraps and curly fries followed by amazing chocolate chip cookies. At the end of lunch, it was announced that the Iroquois won Sock War, which caused a rumbling cheer from all of the Iroquois in Tucker Inn. Tribal elections were held, which resulted in great Chiefs and Medicine Men for both the Seminole and Iroquois tribes. For the Iroquois, J.B G. was elected Medicine Man and Seth H. was elected Chief.  The Seminole tribe held a vote and Dane T. was elected Chief and Will K. was elected Medicine Man. Rest time followed the elections, which allowed the boys to recharge and be ready for all the excitement starting with a …FREE SWIM. Blobbing and great music were highlights for an awesome free swim. Charlie B. was the king of the diving board doing crazy flips and rotation dives throughout the majority of free swim.

As the next two activities of the day began, the boys in riflery were able to zero in the sights of the new guns as well as learn the sighting picture. Everyone in pottery learned the art of creating a pinch pot. Phillip S. did an exceptional job on his pinch pot. In archery, boys were able to shoot flights at the targets and Hank R. shot two close groupings, which are counted towards bronze and silver bars. In team sports, the boys were able to play a game of football. J.B G. threw many touchdown passes and was able to bring his team to a victory. One of the rules in team sports is to win and lose with a good attitude, so all of the boys walked away from Spencer’s Green with a smile on their face.

The boys ate an amazing dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. Brownies were handed out after the tables were cleaned and wiped up! Many of the boys thought that the fun of the day was entirely over, but they were very far from the truth. As Winston H. ran through the Tucker Inn with the evening activity helmet on, the boys screamed and yelled louder than ever before and were treated with the amazing announcement of Inferno as the activity. Currently, all of the boys are fighting for their tribe in a camp-wide race to put out the opposing tribes fires. The game will end with a winning tribe and a losing tribe, but at the end of the day when taps plays and boys go to bed, we are one Camp Timberlake.

Signing off,


Joey Dean

Proud Iroquois

Florida State University Class of 2019