When children don’t have summer plans, it is very common for them to not remain as active as they should be. Sending your son to a Christian overnight camp near Georgia, like Camp Timberlake, is a great way to keep this from happening! When children don’t have productive plans over the summer, they tend to not be mentally or physically motivated. But by sending them to camp, they will always be on the move in a safe and fun environment!

So what exactly will boys be doing to stay active at camp? Every camper’s favorite part of camp is the Christian overnight camp activities. There is always something for boys to do at a typical day at Christian overnight camp. From canoeing and paintball to soccer and swimming, boys will find something that they love to participate in at Camp Timberlake. With the help of our trained and talented Christian overnight camp staff, boys will learn new skills and tips that keep them mentally and physically active the entire summer. Hopefully, boys will find an activity they love and want to continue once they leave at the end of the summer. Boys will have more than enough time to explore our campgrounds and the rest of our Christian overnight camp, as well as go on endless adventures with their new friends! Remember, staying active during the summer is just one of the many benefits of Christian overnight camp!

If you’re interested in sending your son to the best Christian overnight camp near Georgia, send them to Camp Timberlake this summer! Call us for more information or to schedule a tour at (828)-669-8766 for more information or to schedule a tour today!